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AHPRA applications, simplified! We uncomplicate your world

As you know, the AHPRA considers applications for registration very carefully, and assesses every single criterion against the registration requirements set up by each Board. Once each and every requirement is satisfied, then they issue the decision letter to the applicant.

As most of you may have already experienced, this is not an easy process. The AHPRA standards are exacting, and they are very particular about the prerequisites for application. This can make applying for AHPRA a harrowing experience for nurses— particularly those who have qualified overseas, and are not sure about the equivalency of their qualification with respect to AHPRA’s mandates!

This is where MWT Education Consultancy can help. We are the market leaders for nurses who are looking for career opportunities in Australia, and have helped thousands of aspiring nurses to get the career they always wanted! We understand all the rules, and as we have been doing this since 2002 we have the best expertise in AHPRA applications. Regardless of which part of the world you are from, we can help you apply to AHPRA and understand the processes involved.

So why wait? Call us today, and we will help you to simplify your career!

Assess your ability to meet the registration requirements


Assess your ability to meet the immigration requirements


Fill in application form and provide all documentation to AHPRA


NMBA will assess whether you meet the requirements for registration


Overseas Registered Nurses enroll for IRON program after receiving Decision letter


Apply for Visa Subclass 600 under Business or Tourist Stream


Receive Registration upon completing the IRON program


Apply for immigration to Australia


Obtain employment


Emigrate to Australia


Begin working

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