Are you a Nurse?

Are you a Nurse?

If you are a nurse who wishes to work overseas, there is no better time than now to get started! There are plenty of opportunities for skilled nurses to embark on a career in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and UK. Whatever may be the state of the world economy, healthcare is a sector that is always in demand, and will stay a top priority across the globe.

A career abroad offers huge potential to broaden your horizons and open your mind to new and exciting advances in the healthcare field. A few years working overseas can help you to gain international experience and exposure to a new healthcare landscape and working culture. You will be able to stretch yourself to the utmost professionally as well as personally, and can learn to face new challenges with confidence. There may be complex medical issues that you may never have faced before, and you will find innovative new ways of solving these problems.

Over the past few years, the medical industry on a global scale has moved ahead in leaps and bounds in the fields of technology, medical innovation, professional skills and research systems. Working abroad can expose you to these exciting advances, and you can find yourself on the cutting edge of the healthcare world.

A nurse’s job overseas brings with it well-earned job respect and an enviable pay packet. Most nurses are able to settle down with their family into a very comfortable lifestyle with the best opportunities available to your spouse and children as well. A nursing career overseas can certainly be a ticket to a world of wonderful opportunities, and an exciting and rewarding life. So if this is what sounds right for you, where can you get started?

MWT Education Consultancy offers you career counselling to help you understand where you would like to reach. We help you define your goals, and chart out a path to reach you there! Get an in-depth understanding of study courses available to further your learning, potential career options, visa requirements and so on. You may also wish to explore the possibility of upgrading your current qualification to a bachelors or masters degree in nursing.

Protocol and practices vary from country to country, and to be able to practice abroad you may have to enrol in adaptation programs or bridging programs that can help to smoothen your work transition. For instance, overseas qualified nurses need to complete the IRON course for nurses (IRON stands for Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses) to demonstrate their skills and competence to practice in Australia. If you are in need of coaching to excel in international standardized tests like the IELTS and OET, the team at MWT Education Consultancy will help you get started.

You are already on the right track - call us for a professional counselling session today!

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