Singapore Visa

Singapore Visa

Singapore is a popular destination for both education and career opportunities.

Students who have received that all-important acceptance letter from the University of their choice must apply for a students’ pass. However, those who already have a Dependent Pass or an Immigration Exemption Order can bypass this stage.

The application for a Student’s Pass must be submitted to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority ( in the proper format. This can be done online using the Student's Pass Online Application & Registration (SOLAR) system. A Student's Pass is generally valid for the entire duration of the course.

To avail of business opportunities in Singapore as a foreigner, one would require a Singapore Employment Pass. This makes one eligible to work and stay in Singapore for a year, and is renewable after two years for first timers and then after three years. It also makes one eligible to apply for permanent residency in Singapore.

 Foreign business entrepreneurs starting up a new company would need the Singapore Employment Pass for staff, directors and managers to be relocated to Singapore.

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