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About MWT Consultancy

MWT Education Consultancy commenced operations in 2002. Today, it is a leading International educational consultancy in India. We provide world-class consultation and education services in healthcare, nursing and medicine sectors worldwide. Our one-stop career centre focuses on overseas education, student recruitment, career guidance, placement and settlement services. Our top-notch training and personal development courses help to empower the overall personality and self-confidence of students and career aspirants. We also provide counselling and superior coaching for students aiming for excellence in International standardized tests.

MWT Education Consultancy, in conjunction with its parent group, Health Careers International, Australia represents universities as well as colleges, globally for health science program enrolments and offers twinning programs between Health Careers and institutes across India. It also offers job placements for healthcare workers nationally and globally. Our core vision is to impart the highest quality service to our candidates, thus fulfilling their dreams and aspirations of attaining higher education overseas. We provide our candidates with a comprehensive and personalized career and education counselling that focus on their skills, talents and individual aspirations.

about MWT

MWT Education Consultancy has partnerships with leading universities and colleges in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, Canada, Germany and Singapore. Our team of seasoned professionals offers guidance at every stage, beginning with IELTS and similar training required for the admission process, career counselling and allied course support. A vast network of affiliates worldwide helps MWT graduates maximize their professional growth and career prospects.

Since its inception, the experienced teams at MWT have facilitated thousands of students in obtaining admission to leading colleges in their field of interest in different countries worldwide. We provide a range of services that include counselling, application and enrolment of students into institutions of higher learning. We provide all assistance and guidance with visa applications, accommodation arrangements, booking and arranging of flight tickets, airport pick-up and pre-departure briefings. Our highly experienced professionals with their combined experience and expertise guide students in every step of the way in their chosen path. Our growing number of satisfied students stand testimony to our hard work and success. The Health Careers Group of companies has been recognized for excellence in all-round quality management, and has been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification.

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