Expert Career Advice for those Seeking Jobs Abroad

Overseas Nursing Career
Overseas Nursing Career

Overseas Nursing Career

The global marketplace is very competitive- and to stay out of the rat race, you need to consider new ways of keeping your professional skills and knowledge updated to keep a competitive edge. Working abroad will enhance your experience and keep you abreast with global trends in healthcare.
You will find that you get many exciting learning opportunities- and can also expand your horizons through travel and adventure.

Here are some tips to help you land that dream job overseas, from experts in career management.

1. Formulate a systematic job search strategy: Work on the big picture- think of what you love to take up as a profession, and where you would love to do it! Make a list of the companies that interest you, and determine how you can track down job leads.
2. Start networking: Keep in touch with friends or seniors who are working abroad. Attend International job fairs, and make contacts. When jobs open up you may get to hear of it before the others.
3. Keep your eyes open for job postings in company websites, or try cold contact through mail campaigns to corporate offices of your choice. You never know what will click!
4. Read foreign newspapers and trade journals. You could identify opportunities ahead of others.
5. Register with well known international education consultants. They will be in touch with placement cells abroad, and can connect you with the right people at the right time. Good agencies will take care of the entire recruitment process on your behalf- starting from career counselling, to applications, IELTS preparation, shortlisting, interview preparations, and visa applications.
6. Consider getting more academic qualifications. Short term courses, professional development diploma courses and so on would definitely give you extra knowledge and skills. Consider undertaking some of these courses that can keep you a step ahead of the competition.
7. Your correspondence and communication skills are very important. Polish your language skills, and learn how to present yourself well at an interview.
8. Your cover letter and your resume may be the first thing that your potential employees see. Make sure that the first paragraph of your cover letter is enticing and grabs attention. Make sure your grammar and language are impeccable, and end the letter by requesting for an interview. You resume should be crisp and concise, and highlight all your achievements.
9. Prepare well for your interview. Most job screenings will happen through impersonal means, such as email. Your interview is what will really clinch your appointment. Make sure your present yourself very well, and are ready with answers to the type of questions that are commonly asked. If you are well prepared, your confidence levels will go up. Remember, they are looking to see what you have on offer that can be a positive contribution to the growth of the company. Never downplay your achievements, but at the same time do not boast or exaggerate your accomplishments either.
10. Consider moving abroad: if you have the resources you can consider actually moving abroad for your job search. Face-to-face applications may just make all the difference!

Overseas education consultants with a good track record will be able to help you every step of the way- do register with a reputed agency which has a proven track record of successful applications.

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