Top Three Study-Abroad Destinations!

Nursing in Australia
Nursing in Australia

Nursing in Australia

Once you have made that all-important decision that you wish to study abroad, then you need to start thinking of which country you want to go to! There is no dearth of popular Universities abroad, and each of them offers exciting opportunities for students. Here are some pointers to help you make your decision!

Australia is fast emerging as one of the most popular destinations for education abroad, due to the excellent Universities, educational experience and lifestyle offered to students. The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is a Government system that links and governs courses and qualifications.
Education is based on a three tier system, consisting of school education, vocational education & training, and higher education. Students are encouraged to actively participate in the learning process, and carry out research rather than study by rote.
Australian Universities offer courses of study leading to associate diplomas, diplomas, bachelors, master’s and doctoral degrees, and postgraduate diplomas. Specialist training is also available, such as in health sciences or teacher education. All Universities recognize the awards granted by each other; hence a student who has been awarded a bachelors degree by one institution can be accepted for entry to a masters degree program by another.
Australian qualifications are recognized and respected globally, which is why many international students choose to study in Australia.

USA offers undergraduate and postgraduate study programs that are among the most highly rated in the world. At the undergrad level, students can opt for a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree, which is completed after a four year course of study. There are other more specialized degrees that can be opted for such as Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Architecture, among others.
After the completion of their undergraduate studies, students may opt to earn a graduate degree. Graduate schools offer Masters Degrees, which may be either academic of professional. The two most basic are the Master’s of Arts, and the Master’s of Science. Students spend two or three years studying for their grad degrees, although accelerated learning programs are also possible.
The highest academic credential that a student can earn in the US is a doctoral degree or a PhD.

Most undergraduate degree programs in the UK are of three to four years duration. Some are five year programs, like the degree in Medicine, Veterinary Sciences or medicine and Dentistry. Several universities offer Combined and Joint Honors degrees, where students can pick two or more subjects for specialization, thus broadening the scope of their education.
Another interesting aspect of UK education is that you can combine study and work experience by choosing for Sandwich courses. You will need to spend interim periods studying and working in an atmosphere that is related to your course.
Before taking up a Master’s program, you may be required to spend a year at a Pre-Master’s program where you will study specialist subjects and skills that will prepare you for your further course of studies.
Post graduate studies such as Master’s in Arts and Science, or LLM, last for a year, whereas Research degrees like M. Phil and PhD may stretch between one to three years.

New Zealand, Canada, Asia and Europe are also much sought-after for studies abroad. USA, UK and Australia are among the top study abroad destinations. Your final decision would depend on your choice of subject, country and of course on your pocket! Making the right choice is not easy, so you should check with students who have graduated recently from the universities you have shortlisted, and take time and thought before you take the next step. Good luck!

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