What our Candidate has to say;

download-1-220x126“I would like to express my heartiest thanks to MWT for their sincere efforts to help me achieve my dream. I am from Coimbatore and I have not met any of the MWT staff in person. The conversations between us have only been over the phone. I am writing this message to justify that they can definitely be trusted!

I have now come to New Zealand to do my Competency Assessment Programme, and have secured admission in Universal College of Learning(UCOL). This college is extremely good as they always expect high standards in education. They expect students to be more proactive and independent in learning and they are very supportive in all aspects. All the staff from various departments come forward to help us. In fact, they want us to ask them more and more! The college campus is good, moreover the CAP course doesn’t have much theory but focuses more on clinicals. They assess our clinical ability and give us the registration once they feel that we are capable enough to work as a registered nurse.

New Zealand is a wonderful place to live in. The population in Palmerston North is very less, which means there is less pollution, traffic, hassles and so on. People are extremely friendly, kind and ready to help. What I like the most about New Zealanders is their respect for people from other countries. They have a principle that whoever comes to this country can lead their lifestyle without any disturbance to others.

Finding a job too has not been as difficult as I had expected, and I have already secured a suitable opportunity. I am currently working on getting my work permit. Generally we have to face many struggles, because we need to prove that we are better than the local people here. However no one I know has turned back to India without getting a job. Experienced candidates can get a job easily, and specialties like cardiac, dialysis and OT will be given priorities.

MWT has helped me a lot in resolving my doubts at any time. Sunanda and Soniya have been really kind and clarified all my doubts throughout the process. Although I have never met either of them, I trust them to give the best advice to students. It is because of this trust in them that I have told many of my friends to contact them for their New Zealand admission process. ”

Thank you MWT for helping me to realize my dream of being a Registered Nurse in New Zealand.

Logaa Balusamy
Competency Assessment Programme (2016)
Universal College of Learning(UCOL), NZ

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