Know more about study abroad scholarships!

study abroadFor most students, any hesitation related to studying abroad is typically related to the cost. Many governments and organisations offer scholarships for international students, and if you apply on time to the right places you can take advantage of these monetary awards to reduce your tuition fees. You may even be able to apply your on-campus financial aid to your study abroad trip in addition to scholarships, thereby cutting costs even more.

What does a study abroad scholarship cover?

You can use these scholarships toward expenses such as travel, tuition expenses, credits, accommodation and books. After getting all the requisite inputs, you must apply on time with all the necessary details included in your application. Some scholarships are very competitive, but there are others that many people don’t know about so they do not apply for them, and they are easier to get. Your overseas education consultants will be able to guide you as to the right scholarships that you can apply for.

Here is a lowdown on the different types of study abroad scholarships that are available:

Based on merit: These are the most common scholarships and are awarded based on your  academic, artistic, athletic or other merits. Some of these take into account your extracurricular activities and community service record as well. The criteria may vary from year to year based on the diversity of applications received.

Student-specific factors: Some scholarships are available for those applicants who initially qualify based on factors such as your gender, race, family, religion, and medical history, and so on. This category includes minority scholarships. Requirements and qualifications will differ from time to time.

Based on study programs: Some program-specific scholarships are offered by specific study abroad programs, or by the universities to deserving students. While these scholarships are mostly offered on the basis of academic and personal achievement, qualifications can vary and you must check with your program coordinators and university to see what scholarships are available.

Based on country:  Some countries offer scholarships to students who wish to pursue a study abroad program there. Such aid is offered to induce the student to study in that country rather than applying elsewhere. You must check with government websites of the country where you wish to study for a list of such scholarships.

Based on subject of study:  Some study abroad programs or institutions offer subject-specific scholarships to students based on their chosen field of study. You may be required to enrol in a particular course at a particular time, or conduct subject-specific research during your period of study. Here, too, qualifications will vary from time to time based on each scholarship.

If you are an Indian student wishing to study abroad, do check out these scholarships that not many are aware of. British Council IELTS Scholarships are awarded to young Indian students who have excelled in IELTS tests. The British Council also offers GREAT scholarships for Indian students who wish to study in UK.

Do check out more scholarship opportunities at this link.


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