An Overview of Studying Abroad

study abroadStudying abroad, whether it is for just a semester or a couple of years in another country, can be one of the most richly rewarding experiences in a person’s life. You will change your whole life by experiencing a new culture, addressing new challenges, meeting new people and broadening your outlook. The bigger picture is that international study shrinks the world and opens up a greater understanding between nations!

Advantages to a period of study abroad

A global perspective in your major will enhance your resume and make you more employable. You will gain global skills that will expand your career options. You will increase your knowledge of other cultures and understand the role you can play in the global community. You will get to know local students, host families, and your teachers and can build up a network of friends who will stay with you life-long. This will improve your interpersonal and communication skills and you can also gain competence in a foreign language.

Choosing the right program

You can take the advice of reputed Overseas Education Consultants who will be able to guide you through the process of choosing the right program. You should keep in mind your career goals, your talents and present abilities, and constraints like time or budget.

If studying in Australia is your goal, then there are many registered Universities in the country that offer a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs. Australia has a popular VET system, called TAFE (Technical and Further Education) that offers practical programs that are career-orientated. Also, there are many colleges in Australia offering diplomas, or certificate courses that can range from 3 months to 3 years. Pick the program that is right for you.


Most students hesitate to check out options for overseas studies as they are worried about the finances involved. This is usually the biggest barrier to students interested in studying in Australia. You will need sufficient funds to cover your living expenses (housing, food, clothing, and transport) and health insurance, besides the cost of your education itself. Nowadays there are many international student loans available and many scholarships and resources for deserving and needy students.

Applying for a visa

An application process for a student visa can be confusing as each country has its own rules, which keep changing periodically. Here, too, your Overseas Education Consultants can guide you as they will be well updated with the latest requirements and steps to be followed. Make sure you have all the necessary documents in place well before the due date, and send out your application at least two months ahead of time to avoid last minute stress and tension. Keep copies of all your documents and maintain a proper record of your application details.

Medical Insurance to study abroad

All overseas study programs will require you to be covered by a student health insurance program during your stay abroad. You should first check to see if your current insurance plan covers you while you are abroad, and if it is considered suitable by the university where you are applying. Otherwise check out other options. You can apply independently for an individual insurance plan through insurance providers who provide for international students.


Make the most of your study abroad! Take advantage of opportunities that can enrich your life. Travel to new places. Make mistakes, and learn from them. Make friends. Follow your passion and stay safe!

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