Pathways for Australian Immigration


AU-cruises-640x420Australia is a land of opportunity for those who wish to make their home here, and the country welcomes skilled immigrants in any industry who can add value to its economic growth. Working conditions are excellent and the lifestyle here is second to none. At present there is a shortage of skills in many sectors, hence job opportunities are plentiful. The Australian society is multicultural, and regardless of which part of the world you are from, chances are that you will find many people from your country living and working here. Professionals who are ready to work hard can find a high-paying job here and enjoy a comfortable life.

There are several pathways to obtain an Australian Immigration visa. Listed below are the various programs you could choose from. All these GSM programs allow you to include family members when you lodge your application.

Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)

This is a permanent residence visa, and holders of this visa type can work and live here with complete rights. To apply in this category, you do not need to be nominated by an Australian employer, state/territory government or a relative.

You must be over 18 years and below 49 years of age, should be competent in English and must have character and health certificates as required.

Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)

This is also a permanent residence type of visa. You must be nominated by an Australian employer, state/territory government or a relative who is living in Australia.

The process for applying for Subclass 189 and 190 is the same; that is, you must first submit an Expression of Interest. You must qualify under the Skill Select program with a minimum of 60 marks under your chosen occupation. If you are found suitable, the Department of Immigration will invite you to apply for the visa.

Skilled- Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) Subclass 489

This is another type of permanent residence visa, which allows an individual to work and live in specified circumstances in Australia. The eligibility criteria and process of application is similar to those of the Subclass 189.

Holders of a permanent visa can avail of benefits that include the rights to work and study in Australia, enrol for healthcare and Medicare facilities offered by the government, and apply for Australian citizenship. They can travel anywhere in Australia and overseas, and can sponsor other family members or relatives to migrate and settle in Australia.

If you wish to make the decision to move to Australia, there is no better time than the present. If you possess skills that are sought after in the country, you can be assured of a red carpet welcome. Even if you do not have the requisite skills, you can start with an entry-level study program and can then add on skills and work your way up to a good position in your career. Do consult reliable overseas education consultants who will be able to give you the necessary support and guidance on your immigration journey.

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