Top 5 Emerging Destinations for Healthcare Careers

Professionals in the healthcare industry are setting their sights on novel shores, thanks to the burgeoning healthcare career opportunities that are welcoming nurses, doctors and medical practitioners from the Asian realm, especially India. The availability of world-class healthcare delivery systems, improved life expectancy, health-savvy patients and of course, upcoming trends in healthcare sciences are some of the reasons for an increased demand for professionals who can ably take care of the patient requirements at hospitals, clinics and healthcare centers among many others.

Listed below are the top five emerging destinations in the global healthcare industry that are slated to be a haven for medical professionals who wish to pursue their medical career abroad.
1. United States of America
The United States of America continues to reign as the ultimate “American Dream” for medical professionals who wish to advance their career across the seas. The reasons are plain for the world to see. Unlike in other parts of the world, individuals in the US are better informed about their health profiles and thereby more focused on staying healthy for as long as it is humanly possible. Similarly, patients are aware of their illnesses, treatment options as well as general outcomes. It is this mindset of an “improved quality of life at any cost” that has led to a rising need for highly-skilled healthcare personnel who can provide consumer-specific treatments.

2. Norway
Tagging close behind is Norway with an additional requirement of 95,000 to 135,000 healthcare personnel within the next two decades (Statistics Norway). Qualified medical professionals with a globally-recognized certification in healthcare are in high demand throughout the region. Since the locals are not sufficiently trained in Norway’s fast-expanding healthcare sector, the country is a heaven-sent for medical expats from Asia, especially India.

3. Australia
The steep rise in world-class medical facilities alongside a marked increase in the population of aged citizens is behind the continued shortage of healthcare professionals across Australia. Couple it with additional healthcare facilities that are designed to offer consumer-directed healthcare models for the young-at-heart, and there is bound to be an all-time demand in the global healthcare industry within the next couple of years.
4. Canada
With Canada’s shift towards personalized geriatric care, the country has been on the lookout for healthcare professionals who can cater to a population of senior citizens, a majority of whom require specific treatment for chronic illness. Organized health service in Canada goes beyond treatment and extends towards customer service of the highest order, thereby increasing the need for medically-qualified, service-oriented personnel.

5. United Kingdom
Once upon a time, the United Kingdom was the most sought-after destination for healthcare professionals. Following the recent, drastic drop in the number of nurses from Europe employed in the UK, there is a recorded shortage of 24,000 healthcare professionals in the region. Though unfortunate, the scenario is proving to be a boon for medical practitioners from other parts of the world, opening up lucrative healthcare career opportunities for those keen on pursuing a medical career abroad.

Of all the major industries in the world, the healthcare service segment is one that is fully geared towards unstinted growth, opening unlimited career opportunities for doctors, nurses, therapists, technicians and aged care personnel among many others. Within the next two decades, the United States of America, Norway and Australia are likely to compete with each other for the number one spot as the best destination for healthcare career opportunities.

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