Top 3 Reasons for Increase in Indian Students choosing to Study Abroad

Students from India are increasingly looking toward foreign shores for their higher education. A recent study conducted by IIM Bangalore shows that there has been an increase of approximately 256% in the numbers of Indian students going abroad for their higher education! Countries like the USA, UK, Germany, Australia and Canada are seeing significant increases in the numbers of young Indian students choosing to study abroad, and there are many reasons for this.

Quality of education abroad

Indian students seeking quality education find that there are few universities in the country that offer education on par with global programs. Other than the IITs, the IIMs and a handful of top medical colleges, there are none that are on the list of top class academic institutions recognized worldwide. A degree from a top university abroad tends to have higher value in the career market, and students who have studied abroad find that they can get jobs more easily.

Even if education abroad comes with a hefty price tag, there are plenty of scholarships and assistantships available that pay for most or all of the tuition costs, and students can also undertake part time work that will help them to take the edge off their fees. Overseas programs and departments are not only considered very prestigious, but the quality of overseas education is excellent. Universities abroad also have better infrastructure and facilities, and the faculty are better informed and passionate about teaching which is not always the case in India.

Increasing competition in India

The numbers of students who can get admission to top colleges in the country are very limited, and competition is skyrocketing. Lakhs of students apply to the IITs every year, and only about 15,000 are able to get these coveted seats. In all fields including healthcare, arts, law, engineering and sciences, well reputed colleges have seats that are in high demand. Due to the sheer size of the student population in the country, even those who are hard-working, talented and deserve a seat find that they are left behind.  Students who are unable to get into the top bracket in national colleges look toward applying to colleges abroad.

Cross cultural mindset and flexibility

There are many other advantages of studying abroad. Students who have studied abroad are able to interact with people from different backgrounds, and can gain a cross cultural mindset. Colleges abroad allow students a lot of flexibility, as they can take a lot of diverse subjects and explore different fields before zeroing in on a major. This helps to expand your horizons and increase your exposure to various sectors, which can stand you in good stead in your future career. Students who have gained international exposure will be better placed to work in global multinationals. You can create a network of peers who you can connect with in future when you set up your own business.

Studying abroad may be one of the most productive experiences in your life. Do take this opportunity to travel, see new places, make new friends, and get a quality education in the bargain!

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