Global Opportunities for Healthcare Professionals

2396-shutterstock_308060711Across the world, there are rapid increases in chronic diseases and illnesses due to poor lifestyles, changing diets and rising obesity levels. Healthcare spending is also acerbated by the ageing population and increasing patient awareness, knowledge, and expectations. Life expectancy is projected to increase, which means that the numbers of the aged and disabled who need full time care will correspondingly rise. Communicable diseases like HIV and the Zika virus are also on-going prevalent threats in most countries today. With new innovations in medicine come new healthcare opportunities as well, and more requirements for preventive and personalised care. All these factors contribute to increased global opportunities for healthcare professionals.

Healthcare is a sector that will always be in demand, and if you have the required skills, training and knowledge you will find no dearth of healthcare job opportunities available in countries like the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. In fact, studies have shown that by the next decade the US will be in the grips of a looming healthcare crisis, with an acute shortage of qualified nurses. While swelling demand for nurses is part of the problem, the present nursing workforce itself is ageing, and over one third of the current workforce due to retire in the next 10-15 years.

A shortage of nurses means that more patients will be assigned to each nurse; a situation that can have disastrous consequences. The patients’ chances of recovery diminish with lower quality of care, and the rate of infections and complications will naturally go up. The global shortage of nurses is poised to reach alarming proportions very soon.

Little wonder, then, that careers in healthcare are very much sought after. With salaries that are dependable and respectable, nursing is a rewarding profession that helps you to give back to the community at large. Overseas qualified nurses are very much welcomed in countries like the US and Australia, with the Government extending many concessions for qualified professionals in the field.

All this serves to underline the significant need for more qualified healthcare workers on a global scale, and Governments abroad are making all arrangements to reduce this deficit. One plan to combat the shortage is by relaxing the maximum working age for qualified and experienced nurses. Nurses who are due to retire will get a new lease of work permits, if they so desire. Qualified nurses from abroad are lured to the workforce by facilitating quicker visa processing and offering good incentive packages in order to attract skilled migrant personnel. If you wish to make your future in Australia, the migration laws here are also less stringent than in other countries, and the work atmosphere and lifestyle in Australia are second to none.

If you have been thinking of making a career in global healthcare, then there is certainly no better time than the present! Do visit a reputed Overseas education consultant and find out what are the courses you need to undertake in order to embark on this fulfilling career opportunity.

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