Some Invaluable Benefits of Multi-Country Study Abroad you have made the decision to study overseas, then this is an exciting time in your life indeed! The sky is the limit when it comes to defining your study abroad experience. Students abroad are not confined to one field of study, and can choose subjects as diverse as yoga, scuba diving or literature together with, say, a degree in science. And now with more students opting to study abroad, colleges in many countries have opened the doors to overseas students and there are endless options of courses and universities for you to choose from!

If you want to broaden your experiences, then you can undertake your study in several countries- not just one. There are some program providers that allow students to study in multiple countries, and undertake twinning programs to complete their degree.

You can explore options like CIEE’s Open Campus program. Students can choose to study in three of these countries; France, Germany, Italy or England for six weeks in each country. Studying in multiple countries comes with a host of benefits; here are some of them:

Expand your network             

Making friends is undoubtedly one of the biggest benefits you will get from studying abroad. By studying in several countries, you will get a diverse circle of friends and can keep in touch with them for your future career networking as well. You never know which acquaintance may share your interests and become your future partner in business. If you choose to stay with a host family, you can get the real taste of what local life is all about, as you share their meals and their lifestyle.

Gain diverse experiences         

If travelling is one of your life goals, then by choosing to study in multiple countries you can see the world while you get the quality education you always valued. You can take advantage of long weekends to travel around your college and visit nearby cities or the countryside. Try to take part in local activities or sample local cuisine and festivals. For instance, if you are choosing to undertake the CIEE program, then you can study at their Global Institute campuses in London, Paris, Berlin, or Rome. Travel expands your mind set and you will be able to imbibe different cultural experiences from each of these places.

Learn valuable life skills

When you address the challenges that come from transitioning between multiple countries, you will learn valuable life skills. You will learn to adapt to changing situations and will gain self-confidence and the ability to handle stress. Immerse yourself in exotic locations, while you enhance your education and deepen your cultural understanding. Learn to search for and find places, talk to strangers and also become conversant in a local language or two. Life skills like these cannot be found in any text book.

If you are confused, you can take the advice of a career consultancy firm to help you with your decisions. The world is your oyster, and additional qualifications will always help you! Make the right choice and enjoy your time overseas!

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