Study in the UK and Get the Best of Both Worlds: Super-Fun and Top Education!

2506-shutterstock_474086272-minMost students opt to study in the UK because of the high quality of education on offer and the excellent research facilities and infrastructure. However, there are many more reasons that make an overseas education in UK your top pick. Here are some of them.

Leader in international education

All university polls show the UK as being a top destination for international students. Based on rankings by QS, The Times Higher Education and Shanghai Rankings, at least 25 UK universities find their place in the top 100 spots. Popular courses include postgraduate degrees in Computer Science, Psychology, Finance, Law and Journalism, among others.

Multicultural experience

The UK is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, and universities typically have students from many foreign countries including India, China, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and UAE, making this a country of contrasts and multiple cultures. You will find it very easy to make friends.

Benefits of funding and favourable tuition opportunities

EU/EEA students can avail of the same fee structure as British students. They are also eligible for plenty of funding opportunities, and can apply for scholarships and grants that will help to subsidize their tuition costs. International students can also avail of some merit cum needs based scholarships.

World class facilities

British universities not only have fine buildings and architecture; but they have cutting edge facilities as well. Students can utilise the most extensive resources, modern libraries and beautifully equipped laboratories.

Entertaining campus life

UK Universities have their own special quirky traditions, especially when they welcome new students. For example, at Oxford, students have to pin carnations to their outfits when they go for exams- white for the first set of exams, pink for the next and red for the last. Most colleges organise fun parties for freshers and make them feel right at home.

Perfect your English

You will learn to speak, read and write English the way the British do- which is, absolutely perfectly! In fact, students who spend even a short time in the UK even start to think in English!

Complete your degree faster

Most Masters degrees take only one year to complete as against two years in most other countries. However, be prepared for an intense period of study.

Explore the most visited country in the world

Tourists love to visit UK, and the iconic attractions here are many- Stonehenge, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Eye and Tower of London, to name a few. The rolling countryside holds bucolic appeal to many as well, be it the picturesque meadows of Essex or Yorkshire, or P.G. Wodehouse lands like Cotswold, Bath or Worcestershire.

World recognised degrees

A degree from a UK University will open the doors to a fantastic career as the education here is renowned for its excellent quality.  Your resume will look all the more exceptional with a British degree in it! You can be sure that your qualification will be accepted and recognized worldwide.

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