Top 5 Universities in Australia

Australia is fast becoming a highly preferred destination for international students; as it offers a value-based educational experience that truly encourages students to develop their creative and thinking capabilities. An Australian degree at undergraduate or postgraduate levels is globally accepted at other leading international universities, and students who have been educated in Australia are held in high esteem by prominent multinationals worldwide.

If you wish to study in Australia, then here’s some information on the top Australian Universities that you can take a look at! This data is based on the Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings for the year 2016-2017.

  1. University of Melbourne

A world leader in education and famed for its excellence in research and teaching, the University of Melbourne was founded in 1853, making it the second oldest in the country. The University, ranked as the best University in Australia, is famed for its diversity and is home to more than 12,000 international students from 130 different countries. Melbourne, located in the Australian state of Victoria, is touted the world’s most liveable city and is considered one of the safest cities to live, work and study.

  1. Australian National University

Established in 1946, the Australian National University is a young university by global standards, but can already count six Nobel Laureates among its staff and alumni. In fact the current Vice-Chancellor Brian Schmidt was working as an astrophysicist at ANU, when he was awarded the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics. Originally created as a postgraduate research university by the Parliament of Australia, ANU today offers degrees at various levels covering everything from archaeology to robotics, and astronomy to neuroscience.

  1. University of Sydney

The University of Sydney, founded in 1851, is the oldest university in Australia and offers the widest range of courses of any Australian university. At present there are approximately 52,000 students enrolled at the University of Sydney, who hail from some 145 countries. International students put Sydney ahead of 83 cities at the top of the list, with its iconic building and sun-kissed beaches making it among the world’s most famous cities.

  1. University of Queensland

Outstanding students, staff and alumni, have together combined to catapult the University of Queensland to the top echelons of the world’s universities. With a motto of Scientia ac Labore, (Latin for “by means of knowledge and hard work”), this university has over 50,000 students enrolled, including 12,666 international students from 141 countries. UQ has strategic collaborations with research institutions and industry in 49 countries around the world, with partners that include Boeing, Leo Pharma, Merck, Pfizer, Novartis, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, among others.

  1. Monash University

With 60,000 students (and counting) from over 170 countries, Monash is currently Australia’s largest university and is an education and research powerhouse committed to the challenges of tomorrow. A global university with a presence on four continents, Monash campuses are located in five places in Victoria. International campuses operate in Malaysia and South Africa, with prominent centres in the People’s Republic of China, Italy and India. In recent years, the university has been a leading player in medical research and is now ranked in the top 20 universities in the world for biomedicine.

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