Dos & Don’ts of Studying Abroad

studying-abroad-4Overseas education is becoming increasingly popular among today’s young students. It gives them global exposure, a degree that is well recognised among leading corporates, and the adventure of a lifetime. If you are one of those who would like to study abroad, we’ve put together some dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind during your sojourn in a foreign country!


    • Explore your surroundings, be open to new experiences.  One of the best things about living in a foreign country is the travel opportunities that you will get! You can explore the places around you, try out delicious new cuisine and get first-hand exposure to the new culture and lifestyle. Living abroad as a student will give you unique travel experiences that you will never get as a tourist.
    • Blend into the environment and try something different. You only live once, so why not try out something you never would in your own country! Join some adventure or hobby clubs; try skydiving, trekking or scuba diving. These are once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you may never try out back home.
    • Learn a new language. It is easier to become fluent in a new language when you are living among the locals. Learning a new language will always help you, at any time in your life. Your resume will stand out from others, and you may be chosen for a better job.
    • Make new friends. The friends you make during your study abroad period will most likely last a lifetime. As you share your new life together, you will forge firm relationships with other students. Keep in touch with them as they could be of great help to you in your career as well.
    • Plan your study schedules wisely. You are abroad primarily for your higher education, so make sure your grades are good! Do ask your seniors for help if you find anything difficult. They were in your shoes once and will know what it feels like to be far away from your comfort zone, so will be only too glad to help!


    • Don’t be homesick for too long. You will definitely feel homesick for a while- everyone does. Try not to let your mind dwell on how much you miss the safety net of your friends and family back home. You are here to have a new adventure and broaden your horizons…so take the effort to keep yourself occupied and the homesickness will gradually fade.
    • Don’t let your budgeting stress you out. Most students studying abroad are on a tight budget, so it’s easy to get stressed about saving the pennies. However, don’t let this get in the way of your having fun! It’s okay to spend money sometimes on new experiences, so go ahead and make beautiful memories!
    • Don’t lose important papers. All important papers, like your visa papers, passport and any financial documents should be kept safely and in one place, preferably locked at all times. When travelling within your new country, keep your travel documents readily accessible.
    • Don’t lose your focus. While you may have a lot of exciting new things to do, it’s very easy to go astray and lose your focus. Your studies are your number one priority, so make sure that you achieve all your study goals. Keep your work-life balanced at all times.

We wish you good luck with your new life abroad…enjoy your studies, and make wonderful memories that will last a lifetime!

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