5 Mistakes Indians Make While Applying For Overseas Education

5-mistakes-indians-make-while-applying-for-overseas-education (1)Making the decision to study abroad is not an easy one—for some, financial issues may be a dissuading factor, while others may find it daunting to leave the comfort of their family and friends and step into a new life. Still others may wonder if they would be able to get admission easily into the course of their dreams.  If you have decided that an overseas education is right for you, then keep these five factors in mind to avoid making the most common mistakes that could put you on the reject list.

  1. Picking a course that is not right for you

When faced with the wide range of courses and programs available to pursue, many students tend to get confused. Rather than basing their choices on their own talent and aptitude, they tend to listen to the advice of family and friends. While this advice is undoubtedly well-meaning, remember that it’s your life and your career on the line! Just because a second cousin made it big in the film world, for instance, does not mean that you would automatically be happy in that career choice!

  1. Falsifying credentials on your application

It is natural to believe that an application that is ‘juiced up’ with credentials that are fake would get a higher priority than one that speaks the truth. However, you would be in for disappointment as it will ruin your credibility and negate your chances of being selected. Not only is it an offence to amplify your qualifications, you could even be blacklisted for studying in other universities as well.

  1. Sending incomplete application forms

Students assume that if they meet most of the criteria they could get selected , or will receive a call back asking for the remaining documents. This does not happen, as failure to attach even one required statement will result in immediate rejection. Every single document that is asked for must be submitted, so make sure you double check all the attachments before hitting the send button. Even if the deadline for application is impending and you have not received the documents you need from your bank or college, you cannot make these excuses to your admission board. Sending an incomplete form will be as good as sending no form at all.

  1. Failure to send sealed transcripts

Most international universities require sealed transcripts that are printed on the letterhead of the institute. Transcripts are not the same as mark sheets, as the number of hours and semester-wise performance of the student is not listed on the marksheet. If a marksheet is submitted instead of the sealed transcript, then the application faces rejection.

  1. Failure to pay application fees

The Application fees are to be paid at the time of sending the application, and are not to be confused with Admission fees which are paid at the time of confirming acceptance of admission. A student who has not paid the application fee will get rejected and the application will not even be looked into.


To avoid making these common mistakes and to get the right guidance during your application process, you should take the services of an established Overseas Education Consultant. Good luck with getting accepted to the college of your dreams!

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