Upcoming Changes in Australia’s Immigration Point system.!!

Australia is the land of opportunities and a land of dreams for anyone who like to make it big in their life! One can not only enjoy the holistic setting and charming destinations but also take up a job with the best working environment or study with the best universities in the world. There is a nonstop and growing demand for skilled professionals in Australia. The ball is in your court, so try to take advantage of this opportunity and explore Australia’s endless world of prospects. With the Australian Government making changes in the Immigration Point System from November 2019, it becomes a lot easier for you to pursue your dreams. Excel in your career, self-development and give your family the opportunity to grow in a better environment.


Obtaining the pass mark of the points test is one of the foremost requirements for skilled migrants to enter Australia. The present pass mark is set at 65 points and the points are given for specific attributes that are related to applicants’ capabilities in contributing to Australia’s economy and society at large. Newly issued legislation presents an updated points system for the General Skilled Migration visas with effect from November 2019. Now the applicant gets additional points for certain qualifications, for competency in English, for partner’s skills or regional nominations.

Australia’s Immigration Point System Changes

The changes to the points systems test are applicable to applications made after 16 November 2019 and existing applications that were made before that date but not decided yet. Nevertheless, no existing applications will be affected as only extra points will be applied.

Amendments made to the Points Test

  • Now the applicant gets 15 points for regional nomination or sponsorship by a family member living in regional Australia, to live and work in regional Australia, whereas presently it is 10 points.
  • The applicant gets 10 points for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) qualifications, while presently it is 5 points.
  • The applicant gets 10 points for a skilled spouse or existing partner who is below 45 years old along with Competent English skills, suitable skills assessment and with an occupation on the same skilled occupation list, which currently amounts to only 5 points.
  • 5 points for a spouse or existing partner with Competent English. Currently not applicable.
  • In addition to this the applicant gets 10 points without a spouse or existing partner. Currently this is not applicable.

Aim of the points test changes

  • The aim of the points test changes is to optimise the benefits to the Australian economy and communities. It also guarantees that Australia continues to handpick the finest and brightest professionals for permanent residency.
  • Presenting extra points for applicants nominated by a State or Territory Government agency or sponsored by an eligible family member to live and work in a designated regional area, is intended to improve regional economic development and increase population growth of remote communities.
  • STEM skills are important for Australia’s future productivity and economic accomplishment.  The additional points given for STEM qualifications are in line with the results of the Productivity Commission in 2016 report “Migrant Intake into Australia” and is intended to answer the problem of STEM skills shortage.
  • The additional points given to skilled spouses or existing partners is based on an endorsement of the Migrant Intake into Australia report. Certain that the substantial share of secondary applicants in the permanent skill immigration, it is important that secondary applicants with skills and other beneficial employment-related characteristics contribute in a bigger way to the points score of the primary applicant.
  • Proficiency in English is a crucial factor affecting the migrants’ chances of employment and general integration into Australian society. The additional five points for partners with competent English skills will offer additional incentives to improve partners’ English competency before migration.
  • The extra points awarded to singles will guarantee that a single person with similar skills to a primary applicant with a skilled spouse or existing partner will not be deprived in the points test.

Conclusion and Ranking

When all points excepting partner qualifications are equal, invitations will be ranked by the following order:

First – Primary applicant with skilled spouse or existing partner

Equal First – Primary applicant who is without a spouse or existing partner

Second – Primary applicant with spouse or existing partner who has competent English skills but no suitable skills assessment or age

Third – Primary applicant with partner without eligibility for either competent English or Skilled partner points

One can read the official migration amendment here https://bit.ly/2IdoYJB

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