OET Writing Mistakes to Avoid.

If you are preparing for OET, you should be aware of certain common errors that students often commit when they take up the test and be sure to avoid these.  If you take up professional coaching from an OET institute you will be taught and made aware of these mistakes, but it is a good idea that one is always aware of the common errors one makes. 

Punctuation and Spelling

You need to spell your words correctly and use the right punctuation while writing the OET. In the excitement of writing the test you might not pay attention to spellings and punctuation.  So always double-check your spellings and punctuation marks before you submit your test papers.  Using the right grammar, punctuation and syntax displays to the examiner your grammatical ability and grasp of the English language. Be sure of what you write and always proofread the content that you have written to get rid of most possible errors.

Grammatical mistakes

One of the most important aspects of the OET test is grammar.  Nearly twenty five percent of the scoring pattern in OET is based on grammar, and the structure of making sentences while writing and speaking. Therefore, it is very imperative that your sentence formation is completely free from grammatical errors.  If you commit more than fifty percent errors in grammar, you are going to lose significant amount of marks.

Language and terminology

When you write letters in OET, you are surely going to use a lot of medical terminology.  You will be asked to address the patients and their families in your letters as if you are communicating with them. Thus, what you write must be easy to understand, and not complicated. Keep in mind to avoid any kind of complex medical jargon; even if you have to, do make sure to explain what you have written so that the entire process could be understood clearly.

Speaking errors

Most of the students are quite naturally nervous when they take up the test and often speak hesitatingly with a shaky voice or may speak faster than normal.  By doing this, the student surely loses marks as it shows uncertainty.  While you are required to stay accurate with the grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary you should also get your diction right.  Always appear normal and confident while you are speaking and don’t let your nervousness show, as it may affect your tone and pace of speech.

Lengthy written content

If you are under the impression that writing too much will create a good impact on the examiner, you may be wrong. It is not quantity, but the quality of written content that matters; impress the examiner with your written content and perfection in language. Stick to the topic and write precisely of what is asked of you and nothing more. 

In conclusion, keeping these important points in mind will surely help you in faring well at the OET test and will surely minimize your errors.

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