What You Should Know Before Studying Nursing Courses in Canada.

Nursing is considered one of the most valued professions in Canada. Nurses are admired for the compassionate and selfless care they give to their patients, and for their contributions to the community. They are regarded as honest and ethical and are highly trusted and respected. Pursuing a nursing course in Canada could be one of the best decisions you have ever made in your life. Here are some reasons why!

Wide range of specializations

Canadian colleges offer a huge variety of specializations in the healthcare profession. You will be able to work with your existing talents, learn new skills and gain experience in the specialization of your choice. Some of the fields you could explore include Community Health Nursing, Nephrology Nursing, Emergency Nursing, Gerontological Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Orthopaedic Nursing,  Psychiatric, and Mental Health Nursing among others.

In order to stand apart from your peers, it would be a good idea to choose postgraduate certificate programs over master programs. You will have the advantage of studying a certificate program that is of relatively shorter duration and yet covers most of the curriculum included in a master’s program.

If you are doing your Masters in Nursing in Canada, you will have to balance studies alongside part-time work, and this can be grueling. You will have to finish the required number of clinical hours too which can lead to sleepless nights and stress. Postgraduate certificate programs are, in comparison, more flexible, affordable, time-saving and can get you started on the nursing discipline of your choice.

Increasing shortage of nurses

There is an increasing shortage of skilled nurses in Canada, and it has been estimated that the country needs over 60,000 nurses by 2022. Overseas qualified nurses are very much welcomed here, and nursing students are also granted visas very easily. This is the right time to apply for nursing education in Canada and to pursue work in the Nursing sector in this country.

Would you like to be a Nursing leader?

Nursing leaders are in high demand in Canada, and highly specialized nursing leaders who can head departments with varying requirements are much in demand. Build your leadership skills, and work to motivate and empower others in your team for improved patient outcomes. You will be required to have critical thinking skills and very good interpersonal relationships with other team members as well as patient families.

Work outside hospitals

Career opportunities in the nursing sector in Canada have seen a shift, with more nurses opting to work outside hospitals. Some popular non-traditional roles include working as a public health nurse, legal nurse consultant, mental health nurse, nurse educator, home health nurse, school nurse, and research nurse, or in homes of elderly or disabled patients as a support worker. Nurses are encouraged to think outside the box and enter new exciting avenues.

Multi-cultural and diverse population

As a nursing student in Canada, you will find that there are many others who come from diverse nations and cultures including China, Philippines, India, Poland, Malaysia, UK and USA. The Canadian Government has declared multiculturalism as a policy and offers an inclusive environment for all nationalities. Presently, over two hundred nationalities work and live in Canada and over a fifth of the population includes those who have settled here from other countries.

Toronto in particular is home to 100 distinct ethnic groups and accommodates a population of nearly 6 million people, making it a preferred destination for visitors and immigrants.

Rewarding Compensation and benefits

Salaries in Canada for nurses are well above the national average, and in most cases, the average salary of RNs in Canada is more than CAD 60,000. Nurses are considered as respectable as doctors or any other healthcare professionals.

Work schedules are flexible, allowing for a more satisfying work-life balance. Extra work is compensated with days off.

You will also receive comprehensive health insurance for you and your family and many other benefits such as assistance in childcare.

To know more, do consult a reputed Education Consultancy. Make the right decision, and get started on your overseas career in Canada right away!

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