Which Is The Most Immigrant Friendly Nation For Indians?

Every year, Indians are among the largest immigrants to countries like the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. Many of them leave for foreign shores on Permanent Resident visas, and in recent times there has been a lot of confusion about the changing immigration policies and tightening visa rules of these nations.

Which is the country that most Indians prefer, that is the most immigrant-friendly nation for Indians? Read on to find out!

Number one country for Indians to live, work and settle

When it comes to the current immigration scenario, it is found that Canada is by far the number one destination for Indian immigrants. There are many reasons for its popularity as a preferred destination for Indians to live, work and settle.

Based on Quality of Life rankings by the US News & World Report, Canada is ranked number 1 among all the countries in the world. This is based on factors like the advanced infrastructure, democratic setup, high standards of living, plentiful job opportunities and multicultural diversity of the society. Moreover, Canada is the 2nd best country in the world for Citizenship parameters.  When it comes to factors like Education and status of Women, it is ranked number 3; while it is ranked number 4 for raising children. In terms of entrepreneurship, it is considered to be number 6. Retirees have a good life here, too, as it is ranked number 6 in the world for comfortable retirement!

Why do most Indians prefer Canada?

There are very strong traditional and bilateral connections between Canada and India. As two of the best parliamentary democracies in the world, they have long had a friendly political relationship. There are millions of families of Indian origin, around 1.2 million, who call Canada their home. This constitutes 3.6 percent of the population. The two countries have for a long time shared political, cultural and business ties.

Canada is one country that truly welcomes immigrants with the right skills, and has been relaxing immigration rules in this regard. Indian communities, too,  encourage their families across all religions to immigrate to Canada and seek a better life and work opportunities there.

Very lenient rules for immigrants

Canada has a liberal government of Canada, which has been very lenient towards immigrants and immigration. The immigration process and rules have been relaxed in favor of skilled visa applicants. They also encourage families to unite, and in this regard, the Canadian government plans to invite more than one million permanent residents in Canada by the year 2021. Over the past few years, the annual immigration target of Canada has been raised to over 300,000 per year. Very recently, the government has announced a $10 million fund that is especially for new immigrants to find employment in the country.

Do you wish to apply for PR in Canada?

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