Why You Should Apply Early For Studying Nursing in Canada!

Nursing is a profession that will never go out of demand. Nurses across the world are essential in delivering healthcare to patients…and as long as people everywhere continue to fall sick, they will continue to need qualified nurses!

Canada is a preferred destination for students who wish to gain international exposure by studying Nursing overseas. Canadian education is a blend of theory and hands-on skills and equips students with in-depth knowledge of best practices in nursing for them to get ahead in their careers. If you would like to study nursing in Canada, you must plan well ahead and apply early.

An overview of Nursing studies in Canada

Typically there are three intakes for nursing education; in January, May and September. Depending on which intake you are applying for, you should send in your forms well before the cut-off date for that intake. Usually, the application process starts 6 to 8 months ahead of the course commencement and closes at least 3 to 4 months in advance. So, applying early would mean that you should apply 5 to 6 months before course commencement, as well- completed forms that are received on time will be given priority for admission.

Choose your location in Canada

Many international students opt to apply to colleges in Toronto, as it has a huge population of international students and you will feel right at home here. However, while Toronto is a favourite choice among nursing students, there are many good colleges in Montreal, Vancouver and other cities as well. Do your research carefully and take a look at all the leading colleges in Canada before you narrow down your choices for application. Make your decision about which intake you would like to apply for. RNs and RPNs are in short supply across the country and there will be plenty of opportunities for fresh nursing graduates.

Once you plan to study nursing programs in Canada, you can be sure of a life-changing experience that enriches your personal and professional life. You will learn the best in global healthcare, make a lot of new friends and get opportunities to work at some of the best hospitals in the world.

Why should you apply early?

There are many reasons why applying early is a good idea, if you wish to study nursing in Canada.

1.Avoid the last-minute queue:

Early applicants can avoid the queue of admission applications received by reputed colleges. Their application is less likely to get overlooked.

2. Reduce your stress

Sending in your application on time will reduce your stress and help you to be at peace, knowing that you have done your best! Quite often colleges may write back asking for additional details, and if you have time to spare you need not run around at the last minute collecting documentation.

3. Plan your expenses

If you can get an early confirmation of your admission from the college, you will be able to better plan your expenses, take out an educational loan, buy your tickets or arrange for housing.

4. Learn a second language or polish up your English

At your leisure, you can attend English or French language classes which will help you while you study or work in Canada.

5. First choice of program

Applying early allows you to choose carefully from the various options of colleges and study programs, to take a final call on the best specialization option for you.

If you send in your application well in advance, chances are higher that you will get into the course of study that is your first choice.

Application Checklist

Here’s a checklist that you can tick off to make sure your application is complete:

  • Read the instructions carefully

Colleges in Canada have specific procedures for accepting applications from international students. Read instructions with care and make sure that nothing is omitted.

  • Check eligibility requirements

If you do not meet the eligibility prerequisites, your application will be rejected. Always check if you match the required skillset and education level for the program of your choice.

  • Proofread carefully

Make sure that your application is correct both in terms of grammar and spelling. If you are not sure of your language, get this checked by an expert.

  • Send the completed forms on time

Last-minute submissions will never be as perfect as carefully considered work, so plan to send in your completed forms well ahead of time.

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