Taking up the Challenge of Studying Overseas Amid the Pandemic

There are many students who are planning to begin new courses or joining a new semester of studies overseas, in the still-evolving reality of the pandemic. The Covid-19 has transformed our world in ways that we had never thought possible. In this new normal that we are now facing, how would your dreams, including all your overseas studies and future plans be affected?

We are now in June, and are seeing a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Lockdowns are being lifted, albeit with immense caution, and it looks possible that international travel could commence soon. Universities that are now delivering classes online will eventually open their doors and students will stream in like before.

How will Indian students who are courageous enough to travel to the UK and take their place in the group of new students cope with this situation? We’re sure your family members are deeply concerned, and would like to give them some reassurances.

Post-study work visas

Firstly, post-study work visas are being restored. The Government has introduced an international education strategy across all departments that is aimed at creating more visas for future graduates, so you can rest assured that your chances of securing a job after you finish you studies are still in place. A recent Conservative Universities Minister has, in fact, called for the post study work visa to be extended to four years. Boris Johnson’s pro-Indian internationalism has changed the policy mood toward a more open-armed welcome for international students.

Advice and assistance for Indian students in the UK

Indian students who wish to travel to the UK can get practical advice and assistance once they arrive there. Updated advice on technical questions around visas and student finance is available from the UK Council for International Student Affairs. Students can also solicit advice from the Indian National Students Association on specific matters.

Increased opportunities at this time

Due to the difficult situation, students may in fact find that more seats have opened up in the universities of their choice. As the size of the student batch might have reduced, they will also find that employment opportunities are more easily available due to reduced competition. To find out more about possible opportunities that are now available, you could directly email the teams working on international recruitment for universities to get specific answers to the questions that you may be having.

Good luck with your overseas dreams, and stay safe!

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