Working Holiday Visa For Australia! Explore Now….

With the Working Holiday Visa moving to Australia may be easier than you think!

Getting bored of the same monotonous 9-5 job and humdrum of your daily life? Why not study and work abroad? Taking up a job abroad is simply awesome! You are exposed to new experiences, people and cultures that you never would get to if you stayed at home. From developing an interesting personality to forging strong relationships with friends to the long-term career benefits, going abroad is the way to go!

Working Holiday Visa in Australia is the best opportunity for your overall growth and life enhancement! Overcome whatever is keeping you and venture out of your comfort zone!

Here is everything you need to know about applying for the Working Holiday Visa which facilitates you to live and work in Australia and break free from the bounds of your own walls.

What is the Working Holiday Visa?

Australia Work and Holiday Visa Subclass 462 gives an opportunity for the individuals to explore the country and work simultaneously. It is a one-year temporary visa program that boosts cultural exchange and also helps promote the partnership between Australia and other countries. This page gives you a brief idea about the requirements, fee, processing time and conditions of this visa program.

What can you do on the Working Holiday Visa?

The working holiday visa allows you to stay in Australia for the period of 12 months. In this timespan you could study for a period of four months and are free to take up employment in Australia for a period of six months with a single employer.  To top it all up you can enter and leave Australia as many times as you want till the visa is valid.

What are the conditions that I need to meet?

First of all, you are not be in Australia! You must apply outside of Australia or else it messes everything up. You can’t apply for this visa if you already are a holder of other visa with ‘no extended stay’ condition. Thirdly being a Work and Holiday Visa Subclass 462 holder, you can’t apply for another visa to enter in Australia.

What is the processing time of the visa?

The processing time of this visa may vary as it is entirely based on personal documents and when the case is lodged. You have to submit all the required documents to avoid the delay.

Applications which are submitted online takes around 15 days for 75% of applications and for 90% applications the time is 35 days.

How much does work and holiday visa cost?

The cost of Australia Work and Holiday Visa Subclass 462 is AUD 485.

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