Part-Time Job for International Students up for grabs in the UK!

Are you interested in taking up a part-time job while doing your studies in the UK? There are plentiful opportunities for everyone, all you need to do is to pick up the one that suits you best.  Read on to find out details like kind of part-time job, pay scale, job roles and ways to apply for the part-time jobs in the UK.

The fad of international students looking for part-time jobs in the UK while doing their studies is quite popular. International students elect to take up part-time jobs in order to make use of their spare time to earn some extra money.  In this way, they can pay off an education loan, develop specific skills and gain work experience alongside their studies.

While full-time international students study at a university or college in the UK, they have the flexibility to apply for part-time jobs. In your spare time, you can choose to work for 20 hours per week. You can get to work for up to 40 hours per week too depending on your academic year breaks.

In this blog we will discuss all the relevant details associated with part-time jobs for International Students in the UK.

Part-Time Job Regulations for International Students

Taking up a part-time job is a good way to earn extra money for you as an international student in your free time and keep yourself engaged.  Given below are a few things to keep in mind.

Understand the Policy and Regulations

The UK government has demarcated clear-cut guidelines for international students with specifics of jobs and wages. Students are expected to be knowledgeable with all the set guidelines and should not waste time by choosing to apply for job roles that are beyond their boundaries. The rules for international students undertaking part-time jobs are as follows:

  • Students enrolled in part-time courses are not permitted to work in the UK.
  • Students enrolled in programmes other than the degree programmes can work for 10 hours a week.
  • Students enrolled in full-time studies at the universities are permitted to work for a maximum of 20 hours a week.
  • The students visa should be a valid one and issued for full-time degree-level studies.
  • Any student who takes up employment on a part-time basis in the UK cannot be self-employed, be employed as a professional sportsperson or entertainer, do business, take up permanent full-time employment or be employed as a doctor or dentist.

Apart from following the regulation and official policy, you would do well to keep in mind the below-mentioned advice:

Find a Job in Vicinity

Finding a job in the nearest place possible which is close to the university campus is the best bet. In this way you will save yourself a lot of time and travel expenses. Obtaining a job near to the campus is not that tough. To figure out the best place for a part-time job, you can take help from locals, college staff and seniors. 

Maintain Study and Work Balance

If you are deciding on part-time jobs, you should make sure you maintain a balance between study and work.

As an international student you would spend quite a lot of money in order to pursue your higher education from UK universities with the sole aim of acquiring quality education. There is nothing wrong with undertaking part-time jobs provided it does not impact your studies.

Where can I find jobs in the UK as an international student?

As an international student you have ample opportunities to work part-time in the UK depending upon your visa type and the type of course that you have enrolled in. The on-campus part-time job is restricted in number and mostly students rely on off-campus part-time jobs. If you have basic skills and good communication, it is not that difficult for you as an international student to obtain an off-campus part-time job. Nevertheless, you should find out the most suitable part-time job for yourself and apply for the same.

Just create a good CV stating your educational qualifications, skills and experience and voila! You will land in a job quite easily!  An impressive CV adds value to the candidate, even if it is a part-time job. Before applying for a part-time job, you should have an updated CV. ‘

Here are several ways where you can find a part-time job in the UK:

Search for job openings in local newspapers: As part-time job lists are published in local newspapers; you can look for job openings in daily local newspapers and apply for the same.

Obtain assistance from the career team of the university: As an international student, you can take the assistance of the career team of the university. The team helps students in obtaining the most suitable job role in the local area and makes available various options that can be most suitable to them.

Browsing through job portals can help you: There are numerous job portals available through which you can browse in order to find the latest vacancy. The Internet is the best place to search for desired jobs. The best part is that you can directly apply for jobs through the online portal and get short-listed and this will save you a lot of time and effort as a student.

If you are interested in an on-campus job at the college or university, you should look for internal job openings in their respective department of the university. They can directly get in touch with the career team of the university to discuss various on-campus part-time jobs.

Part-time job profiles for International Students in the UK

Commonly, there are two types of part-time jobs for international students in the UK, on-campus jobs and off-campus jobs.

On-Campus Part-Time Jobs

Undertaking an on-campus part-time job is the most ideal job for you as an international student.  In this way you get to work within the college campus in your spare time and earn extra money. International students can apply for on-campus part-time jobs in several departments and sections.

On-campus jobs are primarily offered in libraries, laboratories, bookstores, computer labs, gym, cafeteria, reception, campus guide etc. You can apply for these jobs while you are in your first year of studies and work for up to 20 hours a week. You can work for up to 40 hours a week during vacations and holidays. Though, the on-campus jobs particularly in libraries and laboratories are given to students with good communication skills along with pertinent skills and knowledge to manage a job role. Only deserving students are entitled to the job as the on-campus part-time jobs are limited.

Off-Campus Part-Time Jobs

Generally, students are offered a part-time employment off-campus as it is comparatively easier to obtain. Popular job roles that can be chosen are cashier, delivery boy, bookstore helper, data entry operator, grocery store helper, call centre executive, waiters/waitresses in restaurants, swimming pool maintenance etc.  You should ensure that you obtain permission from respective college authorities to be eligible for off-campus part-time jobs. You can apply for a job as per your preference once part-time off-campus employment is approved. Other than the lecture and study hours you can work for a maximum of 20 hours a week.  You can work for extra hours and can also opt for full-time work in that period during holidays and vacation.

Taxes and Pay-Scale for International Students In the UK

Based on the rules and regulations of the college you are eligible to apply for a part-time job. Furthermore, various part-time jobs need people in several shifts of the day. You can choose your job role based on their availability. Specific jobs can also be undertaken over the weekend. Remuneration for a part-time job is mainly calculated on the basis of hours of work.

To determine if the amount earned is taxable or not will depend on the income and your eligibility for the personal allowance. You need to pay income tax on taxable income that is above the tax allowances.

Conclusion: Take a prudent decision while taking up a part-time job in the UK after taking into consideration all the relevant details associated with part-time jobs for International Students discussed in this blog.  We wish you all the best in your international career!

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