Quarantine and travel restrictions have been extended by the Canadian government!

To protect Canadians’ health and safety, the Government of Canada adopts a cautious and responsible approach at the border, constantly monitoring and assessing available data and scientific evidence.

The Canadian government announced today that the temporary travel restrictions preventing foreign nationals from entering the country will be extended until June 21, 2021. The Government of Canada has extended the Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) banning all direct commercial and private passenger flights to Canada from India and Pakistan until June 21, 2021 at 2359 EDT to continue managing the heightened risk of imported COVID-19 cases into Canada. The government is also requiring air travellers flying from India or Pakistan to Canada via an indirect route to take a COVID-19 pre-departure test in a third nation before continuing their journey.

Entry and flight restrictions, obligatory pre-arrival, on-arrival, and post-arrival testing, a necessary hotel layover for air travellers, and a necessary 14-day quarantine are all part of Canada’s border management strategy. The Canadian government is also extending similar measures to protect Canadians’ health and safety.

As science and evidence improves, as does our understanding of the virus and its mutations, policies to keep Canadians safe will develop as well. According to current data, Canada’s pre-arrival, on-arrival, and post-arrival testing requirements, as well as the necessity for flight travellers to remain in a hotel, are effective. The Government of Canada’s reaction will continue to place a high priority on protecting Canadians’ health and safety, as well as guaranteeing the safe flow of commodities and services that are vital to the Canadian economy.


“As the number of COVID-19 instances in India and Pakistan remains disproportionally high, we have extended our flight limitations and third-country pre-departure testing procedures for these countries,” the Honourable Omar Alghabra, Minister of Transport, said. These continuous efforts are in place to protect Canadians and manage the increased risk of imported cases of COVID-19 and variations of concern into the country at a time when our health-care system is under increasing strain.”

“We are increasing the testing and quarantine requirements at the border because they safeguard Canadians,” said the Honourable Patty Hajdu, Minister of Health. Our government will continue to alter its reaction to COVID-19 as our health-care system deals with the third wave of the epidemic. I encourage everyone in Canada to be vaccinated when the time comes, and to continue to follow local public health measures.”

The Honourable Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Bill Blair, “We have taken aggressive measures at our borders throughout the pandemic to protect Canadians while maintaining the flow of critical products. As we adjust to the evolving reality of the epidemic, we will continue to prioritise the health and safety of Canadians.”

A few quick facts

Inhabitants of Alaska who travel by car through Yukon to get to another area of Alaska, as well as residents of Northwest Angle, Minnesota, who travel by automobile through Canada to the mainland United States, will be excused from pre- and post-arrival testing.

Travellers must continue to use ArriveCAN to provide COVID-related information, but they must do so at least 72 hours before arriving in Canada. In addition, before entering Canada, visitors must provide their travel history for the previous 14 days. This data will aid in identifying and monitoring countries with high COVID-19 and variations of concern importation rates.

Arrivals via air (1.7 percent) and land (0.3 percent) continue to have very low positivity rates. In comparison to pre-pandemic levels, the measures have resulted in a 96% reduction in air traffic and a 90% reduction in non-commercial traffic entering Canada via land.

All visitors entering Canada must use ArriveCAN to electronically submit their information, including details of their 14-day travel history. To guarantee accuracy and to assist in the monitoring of COVID-19 importation, this information must be entered into ArriveCAN within 72 hours of a traveller’s arrival in Canada.

Violation of any quarantine or isolation instructions given to travellers by a screening officer or quarantine officer upon entering Canada is a crime punishable by up to six months in prison and $750,000 in fines under the Quarantine Act.

The Canadian government is currently contacting approximately 5,500 tourists each day via live-agent or interactive automated phone calls to ensure that they are complying with the mandatory isolation order.

As of May 18, 2021, 97 percent of the 90,044 law enforcement interventions had resulted in traveller compliance. However, verbal cautions, written cautions, tickets, and charges have been given in a small number of situations.

There have been 1,577 reported contraventions tickets issued for breaches under the Quarantine Act as of May 20, 2021.


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