COVID-19 Testing and Treatment Plan for Australia

You must follow public health instructions even if you don’t have a visa or are confused about your visa status. If you’re having trouble feeling well, consult a doctor and get tested for COVID-19.

The government of each state and territory is providing free COVID-19 testing and treatment.

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia



Western Australia

Do you wish to apply for a student visa?

International students returning to Australia

The Australian government encourages international students’ safe return to Australia.

Under an approved International Student Arrival Plan, a small number of international students will soon be eligible to return to Australia.

International students and graduates receive assistance.

For overseas students, Australia continues to be a high-quality and inviting location. The government has launched a number of visa initiatives aimed at assisting students.

The measures will be temporary and will last for as long as they are required. See the minister’s press release.

Student visa fee

We will waive the visa application fee to allow you to apply for a new student visa to finish your studies. This will be offered to students who applied for a student visa on or after February 1, 2020, but were unable to complete their course during their initial visa validity due to COVID-19’s effects. These students include those who:

• they had to postpone their studies because they were unable to enter Australia due to travel restrictions.

• were compelled to lower their study burden to part-time

• failed to complete their on-the-job training or assignments.

This provision does not apply to students who are applying for a new student visa for a variety of reasons (including if you have failed a course or a unit of study, postponed for personal reasons or voluntarily reduced your study load.)

You must apply for a student visa and submit a completed Form 1545 COVID-19 Impacted Student (PDF 228 KB) from your education provider together with a valid Student visa application, to be deemed for a fee waiver.

Your Student visa must be applied for online.

When you apply, you might be in or out of Australia.

A Bridging visa will not be awarded automatically if you request for a fee waiver in Australia since the fee exemption must be confirmed first.

Form 1545 COVID-19

Education providers must demonstrate that, due to COVID-19, a student who obtained a student visa on or after February 1, 2020, will be unable to complete their course within the original visa validity period.

For students who have deferred their studies, just questions 6 and 7 on the form must be completed.

With the completed form, students can provide additional documentation of their COVID-19-related impacts.

Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485) visa eligibility

For those affected by COVID-19 travel restrictions, we’ve changed the requirements for a Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa: online study completed outside of Australia as a result of COVID-19 travel restrictions will count concerning the Australian Study Requirement for existing and new student visa holders. Graduates influenced by COVID-19 travel restrictions can apply for and be granted a Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa (where they have met all the requirements).

The time spent studying online outside of Australia begins when the student visa is granted.

If you are applying from outside Australia, you must currently possess or have recently held a Student visa.

Offshore student visa grants

While we continue to process applications, we have resumed granting visas to students who applied for a Student visa outside of Australia and met all of the criteria.

You are unable to travel to Australia while travel restrictions remain in force.

Additional information deadlines that are flexible – Tests of English, biometrics, and health

If you were unable to take a test due to COVID-19, we will provide you more time to submit your English language exam results. Where COVID-19 disrupted access to services, extra time will be given for biometrics collecting and health checks.

If you’ve scheduled one or more of these services more than 28 days in advance, you’ll be eligible for a discount.

Student visa conditions

We are taking a lenient attitude, where COVID 19 limits have prevented Student visa conditions from being met, If you have an approved course deferral, you will not be in violation of your Student visa rules.

  • are enrolled in an online course.

If you are employed, you are temporarily permitted to work more than 40 hours each fortnight:

  • in the health sector, enrolled in a health-related course (such as nursing or medicine) and directed by a health professional to help in the COVID19 initiative
  • before September 8, 2020, in aged care provided by an Approved Provider or a Commonwealth-funded aged care service provider
  • before April 23, 2020, by a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme provider
  • in the agriculture sector
  • in the tourist and hospitality sector

Even while certain professions offer more flexibility in work hours, you must continue to manage your school and employment commitments.

Students who work in the above fields for more than 40 hours per fortnight must:

• keep their course enrolment;

• ensure that you are attending all of your classes; and

• ensure that the course is progressing satisfactorily.

• see temporary easing of working hours for student visa holders for further details.

When should we be notified?

If you return home or your study situation changes, you do not need to notify us. Until you file a new visa application or your visa expires, your visa is valid. If you return home or postpone your studies, your visa status will not change.

Education providers can re-enrol students in online courses by issuing a new Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). Your education provider will furnish us with your updated CoE if you have a valid student visa.

If you have an open student visa application, you can use ImmiAccount to attach your new CoE to it.

Financially disadvantaged students

Student visa holders should keep in touch with their educational institutions to learn about the many forms of assistance available to them.

Many universities and educational institutions provide assistance to students, such as:

  • delay of fees, studies or payments
  • provision of food and accommodation
  • mental health and other medical support.


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