Want to Study, Work, and Migrate to Australia? Become a Social Worker – an in-demand and respected job!

The Bachelor of Social Work is an acclaimed course for those wishing to study in Australia and later work in Australia as social workers. The course equips students with practical and theoretical education to become professional social assistants and workers. The Australian government predicts this profession to be in demand for the next decade and beyond.

The job outlook for social workers is encouraging. As per Forbes Magazine, the job title of social work supervisor ranged seventh on the list of the world’s most meaningful professions. Social workers are seen as people with real professions that add tangible value to society. A study by the ABS Labour Force Survey reveals that the demand for social workers will stay strong over the next several years.           

Social workers in Australia find work in various sectors such as Public Administration, Safety, Compliance, Social Assistance, HealthCare, Education, Training, Social Welfare, etc. Average compensation is $1,869 every week for experienced social workers, which is considered very high compared to other job roles.

What do social workers in Australia do?

Social workers help disadvantaged people, marginalised communities, and people undergoing trauma. The effort is to get such people and communities back on track and help them lead healthy, safe, and lawful lives. Social workers in Australia involve in activities such as community development, counseling, healthcare, wellbeing initiatives, infrastructure building, disaster management, social justice, trauma care, and advocacy.

Social workers help remove social barriers, enable communities to claim rights, stand up for inequalities, provide guidance on injustices, and work with socially excluded groups to bring them back to mainstream society. The range of activities a social worker can do is limitless. This is an exciting job and for those who enjoy working with people, are empathetic, can practice kindness, and have a strong desire to bring positive influence to society.

What are the career opportunities after doing a Bachelor of Social Work?

There are numerous career options after doing a Bachelor of Social Work. Some are listed below.

  • Child Protection Officer
  • Advocate
  • Social Justice Officer
  • Youth Representative
  • Community Health Representative
  • Hospital Social Representative
  • Policy Research Professional
  • Mental Health Professional
  • Human Resources Manager

Social workers can work in multiple sectors. Some of the sectors where social workers are highly desired are medical, healthcare, corporate, education, research, government, and NGO. For example, those wishing to join NGOs can do so by enlisting in NGOs such as Amnesty International, Oxfam, UNICEF, and Green Peace.

Social workers can also study law and become social justice lawyers. They can specialise in criminology and criminal justice and work with prison inmates, correctional cells, and juvenile detention centers. Local and national governments undertake many initiatives for the social uplift of several societies. Social workers are in great demand for such initiatives. And those wishing to travel and work with people of various nationalities can find this profession exciting.

How can MWT fulfill this dream of becoming a social worker?

MWT Education Consultancy offers guidance, training, and assistance for students wishing to pursue a Bachelor of Social Work in Australia. MWT will help students get admission into universities offering this course. MWT will provide training to prospective students on clearing the eligibility requirements for the course – one of them being the IELTS.

Advice and guidance will be given on the university, accommodation, fee structure, career guidance, job opportunities, and any other details that will be helpful for students. MWT will provide 360 degrees support on all aspects of a student’s study tenure in Australia, even after starting working as a social worker in Australia. MWT will support their aspirations to study, work, and migrate to Australia. Visit https://www.mwt.co.in/ for more details.

Why choose MWT?

Thousands of students chose MWT for their overseas education, career guidance, migration, job placement, and personal development needs – you can choose too. MWT is your one-stop centre to help you realise your dreams of working and settling in a great country such as Australia. MWT Education Consultancy partners with leading colleges and universities in Australia. The Bachelor of Social Work is offered through the University of New England.

MWT will assist you in the admission process by helping you get trained for exams such as IELTS and personal interviews. The support doesn’t just end there. Right from the time you enter college, until you finish the course, and after you land your dream job, and then even while preparing for permanent residency in Australia, MWT will be beside you, guiding you.


The job of a social worker is highly respected in Australia. It is also one of those job roles that will facilitate an easy transition to a permanent resident in Australia. So, without wasting time, start building your dreams. It takes a simple call or an email to MWT Consultancy for a future filled with opportunities.

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