What Is the Best Way To Prepare for OET?

As a healthcare professional, you would have already heard of the OET- the Occupational English Test. Developed to cover 12 different healthcare professions including OET exam for Nurses, this test assesses a candidate’s proficiency in the English language by scoring their Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking skills. The test materials are designed to cover true-to-life communication scenarios from the healthcare industry. 

So, how can you ace the OET Nursing? Get tips and tricks from the experts on OET preparation Nursing, OET Exam papers and more!  

1. First and foremost, you must start early. 

As with any other exam, preparation is key to OET exam success. The OET is a rigorous, high-stakes test. Even if you are confident of your English skills, you should be well versed in the format and mode of the exam and the types of questions you will have to face. Also importantly, you should be able to complete the questions in the time given. 

Your exam results will be used by institutes to judge whether you are a suitable applicant and as such your very future hinges on the results of these tests. You will be responsible for patient care, and effective communication is critical to ensure the health and safety of patients. As such, you must give yourself adequate time to diligently prepare for all four sections of the test. You might find the context of the test familiar, but never assume that you can ace the test without sufficient preparation.

2. Make realistic plans. 

As you know, your OET results have the potential to change your life. Your dreams of an overseas career can come true, and you can transform the future of your family as well by changing the way you live and work in a new country. You must be realistic about how long this preparation will take, and plan for enough time to prepare well so that your English language proficiency can prove to be an asset and give you enough clout to get your CV noticed. 

There are many sample tests available with your training provider. Take a free mock test and get your grades assessed by someone who is competent and knows how OET works. Ask for feedback from an English trainer or a colleague who speaks English well, and see how much you need to improve to reach where you want to get. Based on the feedback, you will be able to realistically judge how long your preparation should be. 

3. Be aware of your weak points 

It is very important that you know what your weak points are so that you can focus on them and try hard to improve. For instance, even if you speak English well and have aced the Listening and Speaking parts of the test, you should try to level up your skills in the other two sections to reach the required overall proficiency. All four sections carry equal importance and it’s very important that you know your weaknesses. You may need to spend less time on the sections that you are already good at.

Take a close look at your answers that were marked wrong, and find out the correct answers and why you made the mistake that you did. Did you run out of time to read the question properly? If so, work on your time management. Did your poor vocabulary get in the way of a perfect score? If so, brush up on vocabulary lists, and learn the list of synonyms and antonyms well. If your grammar is getting you down, sit down to learn the basic rules of grammar. 

This is where an expert trainer can really help. They will help you understand the assessment criteria, and help you focus on the ways to improve yourself. They will guide you to strengthen your skills and improve your weaknesses and help you to get better with each mock test attempt at OET Exam papers. 

Especially for the Writing and Speaking sections, there are level descriptors of each criterion. Go through them in detail, and get to understand the way OET assessors grade you. 

4. It’s time to improve! 

Once you have a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, it’s time to improve! Know that even if you keep taking mock tests and attempting previous OET exam papers, it will not help, as the same questions will never be repeated. Rather than focusing on learning the answers to the same questions, focus on improving your language skills. 

You can do this on your own by watching OET videos on YouTube from a reputed provider, or by joining a Facebook preparation group. But the quickest and most efficient way of acing your OET nursing preparation is by joining a reputed OET training provider. They will tell you the tips, tricks and strategies to improve your scores, and will give you personalised attention to help you in your particular situation. You can get together with others in the class and form a study group. All this will make a significant difference to your language level and give you a better chance of success on the actual test. 

5. Apply only when you are ready. 

Only once you are confident and sure that you have the language skills you need for the grade you want, should you start to apply. It pays to be a little cautious and not rush into things. If you sit for the exam without adequate preparation, there is a chance you may not get the grades you need and this will affect your self-confidence a great deal. 

By preparing well with the best OET training providers, you will get the best possible results! We wish you all the very best in your OET preparation. 

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