Top Reasons to Make Malta Your Study Destination of Choice

Malta might not be the top choice on many people’s choices of places to study abroad. But there are lots of benefits to choose Malta as your study destination, as this tiny and stunning Mediterranean country has a lot to offer. Malta is a true hidden treasure for international students and the best study abroad opportunity with a spirit of adventure, offering a high standard of education, a moderate cost of living, and a wealth of fascinating job prospects in the future-oriented sectors of gaming, blockchain and AI.  

Additionally, Malta is a nation that recognises the significance of university graduates. Skilled graduates who relocate to Malta can take advantage of tax advantages, expedited visas, and no-cost assistance with starting a new business.  

Here are the top reasons to do your studies in Malta. For further assistance please consult your study abroad consultants

Malta promotes International study 

A non-profit organisation called Education Malta encourages the globalisation of education in Malta and extends an invitation to other colleges to establish a presence here. Since its 2016 launch, it has significantly advanced Malta’s integration into the international education market. It currently forms a part of the Global Education Network and the EU’s Study in Europe initiative. 

Russian, American, Swiss, Italian, and Chinese conferences and international education fairs are frequently attended by Education Malta delegates. A group from the Shanghai University of Political Science and Law headed by the president visited Malta in October 2019 to talk about opening a satellite campus. Although discussions are still underway, a new campus might open as early as next year. In the interim, a new course BSc in Engineering is being offered through a collaboration between the Malta College of Science and Technology (MCAST) and the Guangdong University of Technology. All students are welcome to enrol in the course, which will be hosted on the MCAST campus in Malta.

You get a host of financial benefits when you study in Malta 

The Maltese government offered a tax relief for recent graduates starting their careers in 2018. A master’s degree entitles the holder to a one-year tax exemption, while a PhD entitles the holder to an astounding two-year tax cut. Graduates who took classes part-time are also subject to the new regulations, however they only qualify for a 50% income tax break. You can enquire with migration consultants if you have any further queries. 

The initiative will result in a loss of tax revenue to the Maltese government of about €7 million ($8.3 million) annually. However, this is definitely a long-term investment. The tax advantages are intended to draw the top students from around the globe and satisfy Malta’s growing need for highly qualified professionals. According to finance minister Edward Scicluna, “We currently have 1,600 individuals working in research and development, but we would like to have 4,500. The demand for professionals and managerial roles is anticipated to expand by 40,000 over the next four years.” 

Malta is a wonderful place to enhance your proficiency in English 

Malta is a great place to learn the dominant language of the global business world, English. Every year, over 75,000 foreign students join in English language classes. The majority of the students are from Italy, and Malta also draws sizable numbers of students studying in French and German. Some come from places that are much farther away, like South America, the Middle East and South Korea. 

The majority of foreign students arrive in July, taking advantage of the opportunity to practise their English while on summer break. The most well-liked course is general English. Reading, writing, listening, and speaking are the four main language skills that are emphasised, with additional training in vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Courses last 15 to 30 hours a week, including a large proportion of one-on-one tutoring. Other course possibilities include 50+ programmes designed for older students, intensive English, English for employment, academic English, and English for business. 

There are numerous job openings in Malta 

iGaming, a multi-billion-dollar business that encompasses sports betting, online poker, and other forms of internet gaming, was created by Malta in 2004. The new regulations lowered corporate taxes, decreased business rates, and expedited high-skilled worker visa applications. Due to these new regulations, Malta became a popular location for iGaming businesses, and today some of the largest names in the industry call this little Mediterranean island home, including UK’s PlayFrank and Paddy Power/Betfair. Consult with experts for your job placement abroad

According to financial analysts, Igaming will be worth about $127 billion by 2027. This offers qualified graduates, a wealth of well-paying work options. Coders, designers, business development managers, analysts, account executives, traders, and data scientists are always in demand and sought by iGaming companies. Most of these positions come with significant compensation packages, especially as you advance to more senior responsibilities. A head of corporate data and intelligence, for instance, can command a salary of up to $90,000. Entry-level data analysts, on the other hand, typically makes around $39,000 annually. 

Malta supports start-ups to a large extent 

Start-Up Malta’s motto is “Sun, sea, sand, surf, and start-ups.” The non-profit organisation helps turn ideas into marketable goods or scalable services, links entrepreneurs with investors, and offers financial and technical training. It’s an excellent service for young inventors who excel at creating novel ideas but lack some of the more useful business abilities. Additionally, it is totally free. In contrast to comparable organisations, Start-Up Malta does not charge a pitch fee or a deal fee. 

Start-Up Malta has assisted in launching hundreds of innovative new businesses over the past few years. They include Quidaz, a cryptocurrency exchange, EZ365, a new platform for trading digital currencies and assets, and Founders Bank, a novel sort of bank aiming to challenge conventional financial and credit structures. Quidaz is introducing a cryptocurrency to the African market, bringing this ground-breaking technology to millions of individuals in underdeveloped nations.

EBO comes next. EBO is a company that offers AI-driven “customer service.” It was established in 2017 with the assistance of a seed investment acquired from Start-Up Malta. On a global scale, it is automating customer service, giving clients better service and spurring corporate growth.  Numerous businesses who utilise EBO’s AI agents have reported a 200 percent rise in customer satisfaction, a 30 percent drop in the number of pointless calls, and a 1.5x increase in cross-selling services. George Gatt is the creator of EBO. He earned a sociology degree from the University of Malta before completing a PhD in information and communications technology (ICT) law.  Malta may therefore be the ideal location to realise your big dream career! 

Malta has a high standard of life 

Malta has a strong economy and a friendly business community. It’s the perfect spot to begin a profession or establish your own business. But it’s also a fantastic (and quite secure) location to live. The first is the climate; Malta experiences over 300 days of sunshine annually, with an average summer temperature of 78.8°F. You won’t have to go very far to have a relaxed trip because it also offers some of Europe’s most stunning beaches and vacation destinations. Several sites to visit include the Valletta Fortress or the historic Mdina “Silent City,” which are also conveniently accessible to students. They were constructed roughly a thousand years before the Giza Pyramids. 

Malta is a place where you may meet plenty of fascinating people from all over the world, acquire a top-notch education, and enjoy a high standard of living—and that’s just the start of your trip. You have all the resources available to you after graduation to launch a profession or even start your own business. 


Now that you may have become more familiar with Malta and gained enough knowledge about the benefits of living in Malta, you will now be able to make a more informed decision on making your dreams of studying in Malta a reality. Get in touch with counsellors at MWT Education Consultancy to have a complete understanding of the requirements to study in Malta. MWT Education Consultancy wishes you success in all your endeavours!

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