Why Is Canada the Best PR Destination for Indian Nurses

Canada is the destination of choice for aspiring immigrants from all over the world, especially in India. It ranks among the best locations to live, thanks to its strong economy and incredible civil liberties. Canada recently started an initiative to hire skilled experts from all around the world in a variety of disciplines. Along with other medical specialties, nursing is one such job that is in high demand. Because of this, a large number of Indian nurses are rushing to submit their immigration applications to Canada. Do you intend to immigrate to Canada, obtain a nursing registration and establish a new life there? Then you must read this blog to learn about nursing career opportunities that are awaiting you in Canada!

Why Canada? 

Canada is one of the most sought-after foreign immigration destinations in the world for a variety of reasons that all work together.  

  • In Canada, which is a relatively liberal nation, immigrants are treated equally, and no acts of violence of any type have ever been committed against them. 
  • There is already a sizable international immigrant population in Canada. Indians make up a sizable section, and the Government is renowned for being incredibly welcoming to new immigrants that come to Canada. 
  • If you have a PR (permanent resident) visa, you can relocate to Canada. This means that you are entitled to practically all the advantages that Canadian citizens enjoy. 
  • All permanent residents and citizens of Canada are eligible for free healthcare and education. 
  • Opportunities abound in Canada’s rising economy for anyone with the necessary training and qualifications. 
  • Although it is advised that you relocate to Canada with a job offer, if your profession is in high demand you may decide to migrate to Canada without one with help from migration consultants. 
  • Canada offers a variety of immigration routes, right from the federal Express Entry programme to the provincial nomination procedures according to specific provinces.  

As you can see, Canada is an excellent place to consider relocating, especially if you work in the nursing field. You can immigrate to Canada in less than a year, with the proper work experience and document submissions for job placement abroad. 

Let’s now examine the numerous immigration pathways to Canada that are best for nurses: 

Canada PR visa for nurses 

One of those countries where progress never seems to stop is Canada. Additionally, a large portion of the working population in this nation is ageing, creating a pressing need for skilled nursing professionals who can fill key roles in the local and Federal healthcare systems. In general, nurses who want to immigrate to Canada in 2022 have a choice between two immigration schemes. Which are: 

Express Entry Program for Nurses 

The Express Entry program presents several pathways for immigration to Canada as PR.  Listed here below are the most relevant for nurses: 

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) 

Nurses who have at least one year of relevant work experience and a job with a Canadian healthcare institution are eligible for the federal skilled worker programme. To apply, you will need to follow a straightforward process. Fill out the express entry application on the IRCC website. You will need to fill out specific information about yourself in this section, like your age, education level, employment history, etc. After providing the necessary information, you will receive a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. You will be chosen for immigration to Canada in 2022 based on this score.  Therefore, if your CRS score is higher than the threshold when the Express Entry draws occur (which happen once every 15 days), you may be eligible to apply for immigration to Canada in 2022. 

Provincial Nominee Programs 

Through a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), nurses have another potential immigration route to Canada. PNPs are immigration programs managed by an alliance of the federal and provincial governments. Every Canadian province runs its own PNP with a variety of streams, but all PNPs result in Canadian permanent residency as their end goal. 

Certain PNPs are only for applicants who are already in the federal Express Entry pool. You gain an extra 600 CRS points for receiving a nomination from one of these PNPs, ensuring that you’ll get an ITA. 

Numerous PNPs will be requiring certain amount of connection to the province operating it, for example, a family residing there or previous experience of study or work in the province.

How MWT Education Consultancy can help you? 

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