Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

We are intending to obtain the membership of AAERI and we follow their code of ethics.

We will represent quality education.

1. Abide by the ESOS act, 2000.

2. Provide uncomparable and the best counselling to candidates who wish to study in Australia.

3. Disseminate authentic information on:

  • The amount should be shown in bank which is required for study in Australia, i.e. tuition fees, living costs, transport, book and equipment requirements and costs of using other facilities such as computers medical etc.
  • Regarding the rules and procedures of part-time work, i.e. working a maximum of 20 hrs./week during their study period and full time over the long breaks, work may be difficult to secure and cannot be guaranteed.
  • The various scholarship courses provided by most of the Universities.

4. Provide updated information on institutions represented by us regarding the academic matters, living arrangements, legal requirements and entitlement, fees and refund policies and other support services.

5. It is not mandatory for a student to utilize an agent’s / representative’s services other than study counselling and placement.

6. Serve with honesty and integrity the institutions we represent and also ensure that we will:

  • Not degrade other institutions or the courses they offer,
  • Not overtly or covertly dissuade prospective students from undertaking courses or enrolling in an institution, in favour of the institution(s) that we represent
  • Conversely, refer these prospective students to the Australian high commission for referral to institution’s agent / representative.
  • Provide a professional service to prospective students to protect our interest and the interest of Australia and Australian education.
  • Serve with honesty and integrity the institution we represent and the students we counsel.

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