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Master of Social Work

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Social workers can be a lifeline for people facing difficulties related to financial, medical, mental health or relational circumstances. This course enables you to develop the skills, knowledge and values to become a strategic, ethical and reflective social work practitioner. In this program, you’ll examine child protection, social policy and law, health issues impacting Indigenous communities, and leadership in social work organizations. You’ll also undertake practice under the supervision of an experienced social worker.
Graduates will be suited to employment in a wide range of jobs in the health and community services sectors. These include positions that are designated solely for social work-qualified staff (e.g. in hospitals), as well as other human services jobs that are open to other graduates. Graduates may be employed in organizations such as Centre link, public and private hospitals, child protection agencies, Australian Defense Force, domestic violence services, housing and homelessness agencies, aged care and disability services, mental health agencies, family counselling agencies, rehabilitation services and private practice.
This is an Australian Association of Social Workers AASW-accredited qualification. It is an entry qualification into the social work profession and meets the Australian Social Work Education and Accreditation Standards (ASWEAS).
  • overall score of 6.5 or equivalent

  • Bachelor degrees should have at least one year of study in any of the following disciplines:
    • Human welfare studies and services which includes social work, youth work, community work, welfare studies and counselling;
    • Behavioral science which includes psychology or behavioral science;
    • Studies in human society which includes sociology, anthropology, Indigenous studies or gender specific studies;
    • Or other disciplines such as political science, policy studies, family law, justice administration, legal studies, family and consumer studies, education with a focus on welfare, public health, health promotion, community health, public health, mental health nursing or community nursing.



INR 5900.00 *

*Inclusive of applicable tax

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