PTE (Pearson Test of English)


The PTE (Pearson Test of English) Academic is the English language test that validates competence in the English language for non-native English speakers around the world. This test can be used to apply to universities or for a UK or Australian visa, and provides proof of English proficiency.

PTE evaluates the English skills you will need at your university and while living abroad. You will not only be graded on your academic skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing abilities, but the test result also endorses your abilities to cope with real life situations. PTE is approved by the UK and Australian Governments. Thousands of academic programmes, including Harvard, Yale and INSEAD accept PTE scores.

At MWT Education Consultancy, we partner with leading training institutes to help our students achieve first-time success in the PTE through high-quality coaching. With sincere work and the right guidance, candidates who prepare for the PTE using a systematic approach can achieve success at their first attempt, regardless of their previous capabilities. At MWT Education Consultancy, our students’ success is our success.

Test format

Two versions of the exam are in use. Those candidates who wish to go for higher education must write the PTE Academic Test. The other version of the exam, the PTE General is not accepted for visa purposes and serves only to test prowess in real-life communication using English.

The PTE Academic tests English language proficiency in four different modules- reading, writing, listening and speaking.

The PTE test structure is as follows:

Section Question Format Time
Introduction 1 – 2 minutes
PART 1: SPEAKING & WRITING Personal Introduction
Read aloud
Repeat sentence
Describe image
Re-tell lecture
Answer short question
Summarise written text (one sentence)
Summarise written text (paragraph)
Essay (20mins)
77 – 93 minutes
PART 2: READING Multiple choice questions (x2)
Re-order paragraphs
Fill in the blanks (x2)
32 – 41 minutes
BREAK A ten minute break is optional. 10 minutes
PART 3: LISTENING Summarise spoken text
Multiple choice (x2)
Fill the blanks
Highlight the correct summary
Select missing word
Highlight incorrect words
Write from dictation
45 – 57 minutes

Scoring Pattern

Your performance on the PTE test is scored against the Global Scale of English, giving you an accurate snapshot of your performance on a scale of 10 – 90. Detailed score reports show your overall performance as well as your ability on sub-skills and enabling skills.

Item scoring

PTE Academic questions are machine-scored. Some question types are based on correctness alone, while others are based on correctness, formal aspects and the quality of the response.

Scores for question types assessing speaking and writing skills are generated by automated scoring systems, and can be either Correct or Incorrect. If a response is correct, a score of 1 is given, but if it is incorrect, no score points are awarded.

Partial credit

Some question types are scored as correct, partially correct or incorrect. If responses to these are correct, the maximum score points available for each item type will be received, but if they are partly correct, part score points will be given. If responses are incorrect, no score points will be received.

Overall score

The overall score is based on your performance on all test items. For each question, the score you obtain contributes to the overall score which can be in the range of 10-90 points.


At present, the PTE exam fees in India is Rs. 11,800/-.

50% fee is refunded upon cancellation of a test either one week prior to the test day or more. For any cancellation in the week, no money is refunded.


Q. What is the minimum age to appear for the PTE Academic?

The minimum age is at least 16 years old. If you are 16 or 17 years old, you can write the test after providing a signed parental consent form. This is not required if you are above 18.

Q. Can I re-take the PTE?

You can re-take the PTE as many times you wish to.

Q. Do I have to pick institutions before I write the PTE test?

No, you do not have to. You can choose the institutions you want to send your scores to after you have seen your results.

Q. What is the advantage of PTE’s automated scoring system?

Automated scoring has been proven to give more analytical, objective results than markers do. PTE automated scoring system is impartial – it cannot be influenced by external factors like your appearance, personality or body language. This ensures that you are being judged only on your language performance. Additionally, the institutions you send your score to can also be confident that your score is accurate and representative of your actual English language ability.

Q. How soon can I get my PTE scores?

You will receive your scores within 5 business days.

Q. Do I need any special computer skills?

No, you do not need any special computer skills. However, we recommend taking one of our practice tests to help get used to moving through tasks. It will also help if you can watch the tutorial on our website.

Note that the PTE Academic is taken using a QWERTY keyboard, where the letters on the top line spell out ‘QWERTY’. If you are not used to this type of keyboard, it may help to practice with one before you take the test.

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