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Undergraduate Certificate in Nursing Studies

Course Details

This course is intended for non-EU citizens who are already in possession of a B.Sc. in Nursing Studies but who lack particular components in accordance with EU Directive 2005-36-EC. The course will hence bridge this knowledge gap and will allow participants to apply for registration with the Maltese Nursing and Midwifery Council. This course will develop the students’ knowledge and understanding of multidisciplinary work in health and social care settings. It is designed to provide an overall insight into concepts of Quality Management (QM) and how issues of quality are related to health and social care services. In this course, different methods of data collection and some basic statistical tools applicable for data analysis during the process of quality assessment will be discussed. Participants will be introduced to decision making and problem-solving tools, evaluation of processes and services, business excellence and sustainable growth. Different methods of data collection and some basic statistical tools applicable for data analysis will be discussed. The course provides an overall insight into concepts of ethical issues and decision making. The course bridges taught components and the workplace, through supervised work placements in the health care setting. Students will be given the opportunity to develop and hone employability skills whilst putting what they have learnt into practice. The course focuses also on the development of the Proficiency in English at Intermediate Level.

Nurses who successfully complete this course can apply for registration as a nurse with the Malta Council of Nurses and Midwives. Upon successful completion of this course, nurses can follow further education opportunities and Continuous Professional Development courses available for registered nurses.

  • Show knowledge and skills in areas of nursing that were not covered in previous training but which are required for a nursing professional to be able to work within the European Union.
  • Understand nursing practice methods embraced locally and within the European Union.
  • Understand local ethical, religious and related issues that are not common practice in the country of origin.
  • Core Study Units

    • Multidisciplinary approaches in Health and social care
    • Quality assurance in Health and social care
    • Ethical Issues and decision making
    • Work-based training in Health science
    • Intermediate English
    • Gerontology
    • Mental health

B.Sc. and GNM Nurses for Bridging Program should meet the requirements as follows:

  • 1 year Work Experience as Registered Staff Nurse
  • Study hours should cover 1533 Hrs Theory & 2300 Hrs Clinical Practice



INR 5900.00 *

*Inclusive of applicable tax

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