About the Graduate Diploma in nursing

The Graduate Diploma in nursing is guided by the belief that postgraduate education builds upon undergraduate education and previous clinical experience. The program develops an increased understanding of the value of research and evidence-based practice and therefore provides an environment conducive to critical inquiry, testing of ideas and generation and expansion of knowledge. This includes the development of leadership capability and increased awareness of research skills.

About the Gateway to Global Nursing Registration Program

  1. Theme: Creating Jobs and Changing Lives
  2. Bundled program to prepare BSc and three-year Diploma qualified nurses for employment opportunities around the world:
    • Certificate IV Ageing Support or other IHNA Certificate III programs to assist finding better jobs in aged care and health care sectors while studying – completed on-line before arriving in Australia
    • Graduate Diploma in Nursing and onto Masters in nursing to meet the growing demand for specialist nurses around the world (articulation pathways and then with IHM’s Masters in 2019)
    • 4-week clinical placement in Australian health care settings
    • OSCE test preparation
    • Employment and placement assistance into jobs
    • EAP or English language available as required for students.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Bachelor of Nursing or 3-year Diploma in nursing qualification
  2. Minimum 1-year experience
  3. IELTS 6.5 or complete academic essay (Online)


Positioning and USP for Gateway to Global Nursing Registration

5 reasons to join the Graduate Diploma in nursing Program with IHM:

  1. No more entry-level nursing positions for Post-Graduate qualified OTN’s

    • GDN will train you to work as a specialist nurse in Australia or around the world
    • Increased pay (Australian specialist allowance = AU$5,000 to AU$7,000 per year)
    • Specialists work as leaders and specialist clinicians in clinical teams.
  2. Registration for Overseas Trained Nurses is Changing in Australia

    • In Australia, outcomes-based assessment (OSCE) will replace IRON as the pre-registration assessment in Australia. OSCE is already used in the UK for several years
    • A Graduate Diploma will equip you with the skills and Advanced Nursing practice for registration around the world. You will be paid more and work at a higher level
    • GDN will also prepare you for OSCE. In the UK, nearly 50% of nurses fail OSCE on their first attempt, so a solid OSCE preparation is essential to your success
    • GDN provides direct credit transfer to any Master of nursing program in Australia and around the world.
  3. Exposure in the Australian healthcare industry is highly valued

    • The program includes 4-weeks direct experience in the Australian hospitals and healthcare settings
    • Our GDN program includes 4-weeks placement coordinated by experienced nurse training organisation, the Institute of Health and Nursing.
  4. Work up to 20 hours per week in Australia while you study

    • You will have work rights for up to 20 hours per week
    • Our GDN program also includes the Certificate IV Ageing Support program at NO CHARGE which you can complete online before you arrive in Australia. This will greatly enhance your opportunity to work in high quality aged care and healthcare jobs.
  5. Work placements available around the world

    • Your investment in further education should lead to a better job and a higher standard of living
    • HCI offers all students work placement services for jobs in the UK, GCC and Australia.

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