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Australia, the name at once conjures up the image of a highly developed country inhabited by a progressive and healthy society consisting of people from almost all nationalists of the world.

The country with its culturally diverse society & rapidly developing economy proffers opportunity to all those who wish to move and reside on its soils. At the present, close-to 22 million people stay in the country even while the population is heading north continuously.

Australian immigration department, i.e., the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, offers an opportunity to qualified and gifted people to work or settle within the nation by carrying-out a point test. There are numerous social benefits also of immigration to Australia. The nation is strikingly attractive with a migrant friendly society. It boasts of first-class education and health systems, and Canberra offers significant funding to these fields.

Environmental advantages of migration to Australia comprise the presence of numerous climatic zones. The huge nation extends from the tropical far-north to the cool temperate climate of the south. The residents can get pleasure from different climates by travelling inside the nation’s boundaries.

Key Benefits:

Australia has a drastically low rate of unemployment as compared to other nations. Remarkably, more than 8 out of every 10 migrants who have skilled independent work permits manage to obtain a well-paying job inside just six months of landing in the nation.

The country boasts of a rich kaleidoscope of arts, culture, with theater, concerts, art exhibits, films and cultural carnivals being some of the regular activities. And its quality, and the rich cultural diversity of its populace, amply shines through its many world renowned eateries &restaurants, well situated throughout the nation’s length and breadth

The educational facilities and the health services offered by Australia to its people are one of the finest that one gets to see anywhere in the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) also certifies the nation for having a very low crime rate, as compared to most other nations.

Skilled Occupation List for Migration:

Visa Categories:

Skilled Independent (Sub-Class 189) Visa

  • Working in occupation indicated in SOL
  • Score a minimum of 60 points in the point based assessment
  • Been invited to file for visa
  • Less than 50 years
  • Having accredited and evaluated credentials from the designated evaluation authority
  • Having certified English proficiency (IELTS/PTE/TOEFL)
  • Meeting minimum health standards as per Australian definitions
  • Having a clean background

Salient features of this visa classification include

  • No requirement of arranged employment under the ENS or nomination by an province of Australia
  • You will be able to live and work anywhere in Australia and permanently
  • Facilitation for inclusion of certain family members in visa application
  • You will have an unrestricted freedom to study in country
  • It will be possible for you to avail some categories social security grants (waiting periods applicable)
  • You will be able to register for Medicare facilities
  • Eligibility for citizenship after fulfilling the permanent residence conditions

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Skilled – Nominated (Sub-class 190) visa

  • Be sponsored by a state for an occupation in SOL/CSOL
  • Have a certified minimum level of English linguistic skills (IELTS/PTE/TOEFL)
  • Be working in an occupation indicated in SOL/CSOL
  • Have skills evaluated from a designated evaluation agency in premise of your profession
  • Be under 50 years
  • Attain a minimum score of 60 points in point based assessment
  • Satisfy minimum health requirements as per Australian standards
  • Having a clean background
  • Live and work in state sponsoring your visa for a minimum term of 24 months

Salient features of this visa classification include

  • EOI is must for this visa
  • You will Be able to live and work permanently in Australia
  • Have an unrestricted access to educational facilities
  • Have permission to register for Medicare facilities and some social securities grants (waiting period applicable)
  • Be able to nominate certain family members in application for visa
  • Be able sponsor relatives for permanent residence
  • Apply for citizenship after fulfilling the requisites or permanent residence as permanent resident and be a citizen at a later stage.

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Skilled – Nominated or sponsored (Provisional) (Sub-class 489) visa

  • Under 50 years
  • Have minimum certified English linguistic skills (through IELTS or at par exam)
  • Be sponsored by a state or a territory or a qualified relative residing in specified region of Australia
  • Have submitted an EOI to be sponsored by relevant authority or relative
  • Be working in SOL/CSOL listed occupation
  • Have your credentials evaluated from designated evaluation authority in premise of your trade
  • Be able to score a minimum of 60 points in points based assessment
  • Reside and work in the region sponsoring your visa or specified area for a minimum of 2 years

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