Migrating to Australia or Canada is becoming a lucrative option for more and more people. Many people from India, South East Asia, UK and South Africa have considered migrating to these countries for various reasons with many of them having heard from friends living already in Australia or Canada that the country provides many good opportunities. The main reasons are the good reputation for being welcoming to migrants, high standard of living, a robust economy, numerous well-paid jobs, a modern lifestyle and a it frequently is regarded as one of the best countries in the world to live.

If you are thinking of migrating, chances are you are considering Canada and Australia – two of the most popular destinations. Both Australia and Canada offer a high quality of life and standard of living. They both also employ a points-based immigration system. There are number of Immigration benefits and they are sure to make a positive difference in the living standards of any individual or family.  Few of the benefits include having access to a safe and clean environment, a well-developed public transport system, healthcare, education, and good working conditions

Job opportunities:

Both Canada and Australia depend on mining and natural resources and hence have the best paid jobs for immigrants. There are some jobs that are better in one country than in the other – Opportunities for nurses are better in Canada than in Australia. Canada has a much bigger manufacturing base as compared to Australia, while Australia is extensively popular for its US IT firms and their regional Headquarters.  It is observed that blue collar wages are better in Canada, whereas white collar jobs pay more in Australia.


Australia as well as Canada have an extensively diverse population, but with different ethnicity factors. Canada has a more of a dominant Chinese, Sri Lankan, Indian and increasing number of Middle Eastern populations.  Australia too has diverse population, with Lebanese, Indonesian, Thai as the dominant communities along with small Central or South American communities.

Ease of application:

The visa application process for Canada is easier, despite the current stress on having fluency in English or French. Both operate on a points-based process and have a preferred skills list; Canada does have lesser visa sub-classes and less strict visa application assessments.

Permanent residency:

To become a permanent resident for Canada or Australia it depends upon eligibility and factors that affect the immigrant’s prospects within the country, like work experience, field of expertise, references and relations in the country.

The primary difference is the assessment of skills in the both the countries.  Qualifications are assessed in Canada but in Australia, skilled migration must have their qualifications and work experience officially assessed before applying to migrate.

Though a person could have advantage of an early assessment process in Canada, it is advisory only.  Whereas in Australia the assessment is applicable to all states and territories.  In Canada official acceptance of a qualification in one state does not infer that it would have acceptance in another and requires multiple acceptances if the migrant intends to move into different place. This is an added advantage in Australia.

Education and Healthcare:

Education and healthcare services are free for both countries. They operate on a very similar free public health care system. Emergency will be treated immediately and anything that is considered non-essential will go on the waiting list.

The one who gets the access to Australia gets an access to New Zealand as well. Canada is also popular as world capital when it comes to immigration with maximum attraction towards Ontario and Quebec and Vancouver. Migration to Canada has much popularity in India.

There is a lot of difference when it comes to labour force participation rate. In Australia, high migrant participation rate frequently leads to a higher employment rate. In Canada the high migrant participation rate is closely related with a high unemployment rate.

When it comes to social security benefits, one must wait for two years in Australia while one gets immediate access to this facility in Canada. Both Canada and Australia have a lot to offer but anyone interested to migrate must consider geographic location and weather in their decision.  Australia is known to be highly competitive while Canada is believed to be a family oriented and community minded.

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