Those who are applying to register through the NMBI Non EU route as nurses or midwives can now submit details of their post qualification experience along with their application. They will be required to demonstrate that their post qualification experience meets certain criteria. The applicant must have been effectively and lawfully engaged in a role or roles where they had full responsibility for the planning, organisation and administration of nursing or midwifery care delivered to the patient in a clinical environment in the field of practice they qualified. This experience must be certified by the employer.

The assessors in the NMBI will examine the evidence of post qualification experience submitted together with the applicant’s education and training. They may recommend to the Registration Department that the application should or should not progress for registration. A third recommendation could be that the applicant undertakes a period of adaptation and assessment of 6 weeks’ duration or alternatively undergoes an Aptitude Test.

For more information regarding applying to register through the NMBI Non EU route please see the Group 3 Registration webpage.