Why Study in Czech Republic?

  • Excellent geographical location
  • Among the best education systems in Europe
  • Low cost of living
  • IELTS/ TOEFL examination is not required
  • Affordable Fee
  • Part time work opportunities
  • Schengen Country
  • Possibility of converting your student visa to either Business Visa or Work permit
  • Quality​ management education
  • Scholarships available for eligible students
  • Simple Visa Processing
  • Options of study transfer to USA

Czech College

Located in Prague, Czech College is a reputed international institute that is acclaimed for providing the best education in management studies and technology. Students here have access to state-of-the-art facilities and have the privilege of being mentored by professionals using the latest teaching methodology. The other key highlight is real-world industrial experience offered to students.

Nurses’ Adaptation Program

  • The Nurses Adaptation Program is designed to adapt an overseas educated nurse to practice in the Czech nursing system. Most of the program is dedicated to learning the Czech Language and Medical terminology in Czech Language. Course modules also include the legal framework of Czech health care system and Practical training in Partner Hospitals, which is an integral part of the program.
  • As this is a practical oriented course, Czech College assists students in Nostrification (equivalency to Czech qualification) of their existing foreign nursing qualification and prepares them for the Approbation test also known as licensure exam. The approbation test will be in four stages in which the first two stages can be done in English or Czech language. The third stage is a 40 days Practical Nursing test conducted under the supervision of a Partner Hospital. The partner hospital will analyse the efficiency of the Nurse in dealing with a real Czech speaking patient. After clearing this important fourth stage of the test the candidate becomes licensed and capable of practicing in the Czech Health Care system.

Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree in Nursing
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Medical Fitness Certificate


  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Tuition Fees: EUR 5950 – Around 4, 50,000 INR
  • Intakes – March


  • Are students allowed to work while they study?

Students are allowed to work part-time up to 20 hours a week. Such part-time workers may get paid between 50 to 100 CZK an hour, which can help toward fees or cost of living.
1 CZK = 2.97 INR(As per www.xe.com)

  • What will the expected starting salary be?

On completion of course, the expected starting salary will be approximately 18,000 CZK per month. It can vary with employer and experience of the candidate.

  • Will the nurses be considered as RNs?

After successful completion of course nurses will be eligible to work as a Registered Nurse in Czech Republic.

  • Can they travel between Schengen countries?

They will be able to travel freely to any Schengen country. However, if they wish to move permanently to any other Schengen country, the licensing test and procedures in the country should be complied with.

  • What are the approximate living costs for students?

Approximate living costs in Prague for students- including accommodation, food and transportation will come to around 400 EUR a month.

  • Where is the campus located?

The campus is located in STEDNI ZDRAVOTNICKS SKOLA in Turnov.

  • Who issues the course certificate?

Upon successfully passing the approbation examination conducted by the Ministry of Health, the nurses will be licensed to work in Czech Republic.

  • Tell us about the grading system and the pass requirements.

There is a 7 mark system. Essentially candidates have to pass the first two tests in English (medical knowledge, legal medical knowledge for Czech Republic). The second stage is the internship, where an evaluator will be writing a report for the whole 40 days of work. He/she will either recommend the student as a capable nurse, or will say there might be additional training needed. The last part of the course is a verbal interview in Czech with medical topics, where again the student will be deemed to have passed or failed. So in general marks are not relevant. There might be some scores or grades, but they have no influence on anything, so passing the stages is the only important aspect of the program.

  • What are the subjects of study?

A major part of the course is training in Czech language. The knowledge in Nursing subjects will also be refreshed in Czech.

  • What is the age bar to do the course?

There is no specific age bar. The ideal candidate is less than 35 years old.

  • Can GNM students undertake this?

For GNM nurses an equivalency test needs to be done which will cost the student 150 Euros to check if eligible.  B.Sc nurses can apply directly.

  • How long it will take to get the visa?

This will take a maximum of 90 days.

  • After completing the course how can candidates extend their visa in Czech republic?

After completion of studies, students may apply for an employee card with a job offer from the employer.

Accommodation facility

  • On the campus, accommodation facilities will be provided that are located only steps away from the school. The accommodation was built in 1985 and has a capacity of 130 beds.
  • Each unit offers two double rooms, a hallway, toilet and bathroom.
  • On each floor there is a shared kitchen area, study room and a common area with TV and other entertainment.
  • Additionally, the accommodation facility also offers study rooms with medical equipment, music room, computer room, bookstore, biology lab, two gyms, table tennis and a playroom with darts, foosball, etc.
  • There is a canteen that serves three meals a day. The food is of high quality and is delivered from a kitchen located in a nearby hospital.
  • The whole facility also offers high-speed wireless internet.

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