An increasingly popular destination for registered nurses, Ireland is particularly suited to those looking for an extended working holiday in Europe. In the past few years, the Irish economy has been going from strength to strength which has resulted in increased immigration to Ireland. All these make the demand for nurses in Ireland very strong.

If you wish to work in Ireland as a registered nurse, you will need to first be registered with the national licencing authority for nurses in Ireland.

Registration As a Nurse With An Bord Altranais.

The Irish nursing board, An Bord Altranais/NMBI is the governing authority for the regulation of nursing education and practices in Ireland.

In order to apply for registration to practice as a nurse in Ireland you must satisfy the Nursing Board’s pre-requisites for registration. You need to demonstrate that your education is of a recognized standard, that you have adequate experience in the field of nursing that you wish to be registered in, that you have a good command of the English language (if English is not your native language), and any other criteria such as your age, health, character references, and lack of any previous criminal record. You will need to provide a Police certificate to attest to your character. Additionally, you will be required to submit to the Nursing Board documentary evidence to support your application to support these claims.

It can take up to 6 weeks for the board to determine your eligibility, notwithstanding the amount of time you may need to gather up all the necessary information that is required to support your application in the first place. Considering this, it would be wise therefore to plan your move to Ireland well in advance. You should begin the process of your registration application, and the gathering of supporting documents, as soon as possible.

With your application you will need to send a passport sized photo, your current nursing licence, copies of your educational diplomas or degrees, and your birth certificate along with any documents to verify name changes such as a marriage certificate. To demonstrate your language capabilities, English language proficiency papers were required and the appropriate fee also need to be sent. Another important document is a certification of your registration that must be sent from your own licencing authority to the Irish Nursing Board as well as a full transcript of your education. Make sure you provide full work references.

As soon as your application has been received and reviewed, you may be granted a temporary permit to work as a nurse. During this time, your performance and ability will be monitored for a period of up to 6 weeks. At the discretion of the Board, nurses from U.S., Australia, New Zealand, and Canada may be exempt from the qualifying period. After this period, an applicant may be granted full registration, may be declined registration, or may be asked to continue with a further period of supervised practice. Note that all supervised work commitments are at a facility approved by the Irish Nursing Board and the Nursing Board’s decision is final. After an applicant has completed the period of supervised work and has been granted full registration rights, they can apply to the immigration department for a full working visa.

It takes a lot of preparation, effort and commitment to move to any country to work as a registered nurse. If you are outside of the E.U. and are looking to find work in Ireland do contact us….we are here to help!

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