Overseas applicants must meet the following prerequisites to start the process of applying to the NMC.

  • Hold a Nursing Diploma/Degree.
  • Hold a nursing registration that is current or a nursing licence without restrictions.
  • Meet all the OET/IELTS requirements

Step-by-step Application Process

Step 1: Self-assessment:

An online self-assessment is available at this link. On completion, you will receive from the NMC your confirmation of eligibility and get the authorisation to book the CBT exam.

Step 2: Pass the CBT exam.

The CBT is a test of your understanding, knowledge and application of professional skills. The questions will examine your knowledge of areas such as acute care, long-term care setting, care of healthy people, care for patients with complex needs and illnesses, and care for people in a residential or community setting.

The CBT exam is a computer-based exam with and multiple-choice questions comprising theoretical practice-based knowledge. The test is held in a test centre or can be completed online.

To register, click here.

You will receive the exam results by email, within 48 hours after taking the examination. You will receive either a pass or a fail. The results of the CBT are valid for two years.

The cost of the exam is £130.

Your application will be processed by the NMC within 60 days, on receipt of all required documents. You will then be invited to complete the OSCE exam in your assigned UK hospital.

Step 3: Documentation

After your application is processed, you will be required to pay the NMC registration fee which opens up a portal, where you have to upload the following documents:

  • Proof of qualifications
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Police clearance

These documents must be sent by courier:

  • Verification form from your nursing school
  • 2 Employee references
  • Declaration of good health from GP
  • Transcript of training

*NOTE: The documents that you have to send by courier are bar-coded and must be individually downloaded from the NMC portal. Be careful to send the right document to the right agency, as if they are mixed up there will be a processing delay.

Once all the documentation is received by the NMC, submit your application on the NMC portal. Note that it may take up to 15 days for the documentation to be uploaded after the NMC has received it by courier.

Your files will then be assessed, which can take 40-60 working days, and you will be issued a Decision Letter via email. The next step once you have received the decision letter is to complete the OSCE Exam.

Step 4: Complete Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

The OSCE can only be written in the UK. Once you are placed in a hospital, you will be provided with an OSCE training programme, followed by the final exam. You must pass this exam within three attempts. The cost of the exam is £992.

The exam is based on different nursing scenarios along with separate skills stations and tests your practical skills. Each skill station has a strict marking scheme in which candidates are assessed by a panel of examiners.

You will get roughly 4-6 weeks after starting in the hospital before you write the exam, and this will help you to adjust to your new working environment and become more comfortable with the apparatus.

Once you have successfully completed the OCSE, you are a fully registered nurse and officially part of the NMC.

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