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Part Time Work Options for International Students in Australia

Australia is a preferred study abroad destination for international students, particularly from India. Students from India may find that the living expenses and cost of tuition are daunting, but the option to work while on a student visa offers them a good amount of pocket money to both supplement their living costs as well as enjoy the stay in the country. If they wish to get extra money to explore the many tourist destinations in Australia, they can get this through part-time work.

Work Permissions on Student Visa

Students are given many privileges by the Australian government when it comes to working while studying. As a student, you will have the right to:

  • A minimum wage as stipulated under the Fair Work Act 2009
  • Challenge of unfair dismissal from the job
  • Breaks and rest periods
  • A healthy and safe work environment
Types of Part Time Work Options Available

If you are a professional who is undertaking further education from Australia, you can get a job in keeping with your qualification. Other than this, usually students get part time jobs in the following sectors:

  • Retail sales jobs in supermarkets, departmental stores
  • In their own college campuses
  • In restaurants, cafes and bars
  • In hotels and motels (both in the kitchens and administration and housekeeping)
  • Sales and telemarketing
  • Administration or Clerical roles in different companies
  • Farming and related activities
  • As a Tutor – both personal as well as in institutions

International students can take advantage of the excellent part time working opportunities available in Australia to take the edge off their tuition fees and assist them in achieving a moderate living style.


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