Advantages of Studying in Canada

Canada is more than just its picture-perfect natural beauty. Right from wild settlements at the foot of cragged mountains, to bustling cityscapes with futuristic skyscrapers, Canada has it all! Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto are large cities where students can get just about anything they could possibly ask for. Listed below are a few of the many reasons why students regularly pick Canada for their study abroad experience.

Internationally Recognised Education System

With some of the best schools in the world, Canada is recognized internationally for its quality education system. The country lays great importance to high academic standards and rigorous quality controls, offering students a high-quality education that will open doors for the future. QS University World Rankings has ranked three schools in Canada in the top 50 worldwide. Besides, Canada was ranked the top country for education in 2017, with contributing factors of education excellence and a well conceptualised and highly developed education system.

Part-time work options for students

While the quality of education and living standards in Canada are amongst the highest in the world, the cost of living and tuition fees for overseas students are typically lower than in other countries such as USA and UK. Students can supplement their income by working part-time, as full-time international students in Canada. They can choose to do both on and off-campus work for up to 20 hours a week, helping to finance their education. Besides this, during scheduled breaks throughout the year, such as winter or summer break, they can work full-time up to 30 hours a week.

Post Study work option

On having completed their studies, international students are eligible to apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). The PGWP is an open work permit that allows recent graduates to stay in Canada and seek employment anywhere in the country. Students are not tied to a specific employer and are allowed to pursue employment in almost any field. If you are looking to become Canadian permanent residents, a PGWP and your prior Canadian studies can be the perfect route to staying here permanently!

Spouse friendly Country

Canada permits your spouse or common-law partner to have an open work permit while you study. This means that they can make use of their time and seek employment anywhere in the country. If you have children, they can study in Canadian primary or secondary schools without the need of a study permit.
If you wish to stay in Canada through a Post-Graduation Work Permit, then your family can continue to stay as well.

PR possibilities

A Canadian experience , such as working or studying in Canada, is much valued by many immigration programs. Having studied in Canada can increase your chances for permanent residence, if you currently qualify for an immigration program. In case you are not qualified for an immigration program, then undertaking education in Canada can help you become an eligible candidate for permanent residence. The Canadian experience you gain during your studies and after graduation, together with a PGWP, can greatly increase your chances of being accepted for PR.

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