Education in Ireland

Ireland has a global reputation for high quality education, and attracts students in all disciplines from all over the world. The Irish are well renowned for their warmth and hospitality and have a long tradition of welcoming foreign students and making them feel at home in their country. Whether you wish to spend a summer, a full semester or an academic year studying in Ireland, you will be well pleased with the enriching educational experience that you will get here.

Education in Ireland is founded on a solid base of commitment to excellence. The universities offer an extensive choice of courses leading to degrees and qualifications which are well recognized internationally. Ireland has a long history of excellence in quality learning with nine reputed universities, fourteen well established institutes of technology and a number of other educational establishments.

The higher education sector comprises universities, technological institutes and private colleges. Each institution determines its own entry level requirements, which are generally based on performance in a national level examination and also on English language aptitude. There are many Study abroad programs that allow credit transfer facilities with universities abroad.

Ireland is an entrepreneurial society with an innovative and creative culture. Students can settle in with ease and enjoy the vibrant social and cultural lifestyle, in addition to the educational opportunities that lay emphasis on personal growth as well as academics. There are plenty of opportunities available for taking up a job once you complete your education in Ireland, and there are many global companies which are headquartered here.

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