Studying in Malta

A popular tourist destination that is treasured for the spectacular beauty of its beaches, Malta is one of the world’s smallest and most densely populated countries. It comprises an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea to the south of Italy, with the three largest islands – Malta Island, Gozo and Comino –inhabited with a total resident population of only around 420,000. Valletta, Malta’s tiny capital, is built on a peninsula that is only 1km by 600m on the north-east coast of Malta Island.

Most of the colleges and universities in Malta are clustered around Valletta. Malta attracts more than 600 full-time international students and about 500 exchange and transfer students every year, from about 80 different countries. Partnerships and links with education institutions all over the world are maintained by the government. Well-regarded degrees are awarded through full-time or part-time study programmes in subjects that include Arts, Economics, Management, Science and Technology, Health Sciences, Education, Engineering, Law among others.

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