Education in Singapore

A cultural and political fulcrum of East Asia, Singapore is a cosmopolitan city and home to students from all the continents across the globe. It has emerged as a premier destination for both undergraduate and postgraduate learning, with world class universities that offer an inspiring learning environment for students.

Singapore has a long tradition of educational excellence and its economy is today a knowledge-based one. As such, colleges and universities in Singapore offer a high quality of learning with a rigorous education system that is held in high esteem around the world. It has been seen that students from Singapore consistently outperform the international average in both Math and Science. Students in this competitive environment acquire superior skills and abilities to hold their own against the best in the world.

Though geographically just a tiny speck on the world map, Singapore is a bustling and vibrant city state full of color and culture. A model city that is hinged around political stability, ethics and efficiency, Singapore is an ideal destination for building great career opportunities as well. Thus, students who have completed their education in Singapore can find plenty of employment choices in various sectors of their choice.

Even after commencing work, there are still many venues open for further professional training. Vocational training and postgraduate courses are available in plenty. The nation’s rich and diverse tapestry of cultures is reflected in the conglomerate of ethnic groups that live together here. International students will find it simple to find their own niche among the various nationalities that live, study and work together harmoniously in this tiny island-state.

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