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Advantages of studying in UAE

Selecting a destination for higher education is one of the most crucial and impactful choices you will make. Even though higher education in the UAE is still young compared to other countries, there are unique benefits for students who study in the UAE.

The diverse and international community

People studying in the UAE bring with them new experiences and perspectives and they also get to interact and share these ideas. There is no nicer means to develop as a person than being in a community of diverse individuals. Furthermore, the faculty members teaching at universities in the UAE generally come from respected educational backgrounds with previous professional experiences.

Quality of education at universities in the UAE

The UAE promotes well-established universities from all over the world to establish branch campuses in the emirates. The University of Wollongong, Heriot-Watt University Dubai and BITS Pilani Dubai are just some of the branch campuses of reputed universities in Dubai. You will receive an internationally recognised diploma with the language of instruction in English if you opt to study in the UAE. Should you pursue post-graduate education elsewhere, you will not have to take further exams to prove your language skills.

Extensive facilities and resources available

From a wide variety of course offerings to building your first resume with a career counselor, there are a plethora of resources available to students who study in the UAE. Fancy doing a portion of your studies abroad. In UAE, you can! Universities in the UAE are keen to provide students with an opportunity to study a semester or more in an international destination. With increasing competition between the best universities in the UAE, this exciting opportunity will be more available.

Internship benefits when you study in the UAE

Studying in the UAE gives you the opportunity to pursue local internships. These are a great way to get relevant work experience!

Higher education in the UAE goes beyond just studying theory. Instead, you will have the chance to gain UAE-specific work experiences through local internships. These opportunities gave me invaluable insights into the UAE market and were crucial in getting me accustomed to the system at work here. Thus, studying in the UAE can ultimately give you a boost up the career ladder and help you land a job here.

A helpful alumnus network

A professional network is an incredible asset that will accompany you far into your career. However, these links take time to build. A helpful alumni association that comes with a higher education in the UAE can give you a head start. Also, this alumni network is your best source of advice when getting used to life after graduation. This network serves as a career building tool that comes with numerous benefits. This could be an invitation to a career fair or a spot at a fancy dinner hosted by the university.

Proximity to your comfort zone

If you are a resident in the UAE, the added benefits that you will get by studying here are plenty. You can save up on extra costs such as accommodation and travel. Also, you will not experience the homesickness that comes with going away for university. You will find it much easier to cope with the transition to university since you do not have to juggle the pressure of living alone in a new country.


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