MWT testimonials

Aishwarya Devasia

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to Tilu Joseph for her impressive and selfless assistance during the whole process of application to IHNA and the visa applications associated with the travel to Australia for studying IRON programme at IHNA.
I commend her remarkable expertise in organisational skills, which immensely helped me to have a smooth run through the whole process of arriving in Australia. I would like to note that she is a real asset your organisation as she carries selfless altruism which motivates her to “do her duties not for the sake of it, rather in service of her clients!”
She is steadfastly reliable and always carries a generous and helping heart in every kind of doubt or dilemma with respect to visa or course applications. Her knowledge and expertise are optimum that your organisation would further benefit if they can be utilised in a managerial or supervisory role. I wish Tilu every success in all her endeavours and hope that her expertise and selflessness in her job is always recognised and duly appreciated.